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Rooms And Exits Walkthrough – Step By Step Guide [UPDATED]

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If you’re looking for a guide then the Rooms and Exits Walkthrough is perfect for you. Rooms and Exits is one of the most popular and fantastic puzzle-solving games ever on the Android platform. This game has tremendous features and gorgeous gameplay. If you love to play puzzle-solving games then this game is for you. The controls and the other things of this game are also blazing. Webelinx Games offers rooms and exits. It was released on August 17, 2020.

Rooms And Exits Walkthrough

There are the following walkthroughs

Level 1

This is Level 1 of Rooms and Exits Walkthrough

Room 1

In this first room, it is almost empty but there is one table in this room. You can find the key and escape the room.

  • Open the drawer> collect the key> add to inventory
  • Now open the inventory and use the key
  • Exit the inventory and open the main door.

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Level 1 Room 2

In this room, there is a sofa and a cabinet that you can use to solve the mystery. Follow the given instructions to escape the room.

  • Open the two doors of the cabinet.
  • Take the key head and a crate.
  • Now click on the bag to open the inventory.
  • Tap on the crate and select the dismantle option to get the product inside the box.
  • Choose a blade and click on the use option before leaving> Now slash the pillow to take the key tail.
  • Now again tap on the bag option to open the inventory.
  • Choose the critical head and key tail> And merge it utilizing the combine option.
  • Choose the key and select the bang button before leaving the bag
  • Open the door> and escape.


Rooms And Exits Walkthrough

Level 1 Room 3

Currently, you enter the third room where a cabinet is available and a portrait is dangling over the wall next to the entrance.

  • Go to the portrait and rip it up> now take the piece of the puzzle> Select the bag option
  • Choose the piece of the puzzle> Now put it on board near the main entrance.
  • Now play a mini game> rotate the squares> complete the painting> the door opens> escape the room.

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Level 2

This is Level 2 of Rooms and Exits Walkthrough

Chapter 1

Flower Shop

In Rooms And Exits chapter 2, you are in a flower shop where you can find hidden objects to escape the room.

  • Click the remote on the table> add it to your inventory> tap on the bag option to open your list> dismantle the remote
  • Collect batteries> go to the room temperature controller> insert batteries > set the room temperature to cool.
  • Open the cabinet> take the cutter> open your inventory> choose the cutter and use it> go to the painting near the tv> slash it up to find a locker>
  • Click on the locker> enter the code> “53736”> collect the key> choose the key> use it to open the door.

Escape The Beauty Saloon

  • Go to the massage chair> and take the screwdriver from under the towel.
  • Use the screwdriver on the hatch on the right wall.
  • Take a picture> Click on the jar to get the second picture> and remove the clock to find the fourth.
  • Open the small box to retrieve the fifth picture> Then go to the cabinet and open the drawer to get the flashlight.
  • Open the bottom door of the closet to get the fish food> Take the battery off the table next to the briefcase
  • Remove the carpet at the exit to reveal part of the picture.

Rooms And Exits Coffee Shop Walkthrough

Massage Room

  1. Fish food is present in your inventory.
  2. Go to the massage room and feed the fish.
  3. Now search for a way to take a key out of the aquarium.
  4. Take a hook from the rug and seize the fish rod.
  5. Open your inventory> Choose both things and click on the combine button.
  6. choose the rod and click on the use option to get the key out.
  7. Use the key and escape the Beauty Saloon.

Rooms And Exits Walkthrough

Escape The Hardware Store

  1. Unlock the drawer and take the screwdriver.
  2. Click on the working suit near the cabinet> it is locked.
  3. Take a lighter> tap on the door> fix the stairs and climb up.
  4. After that> choose the screwdriver to unlock the cover.
  5. Take the candle> shift it to the bin and take the material and formulate a hammer.
  6. Go to the front wall> many tools are hanging here.
  7. Take all the tools> Use the handles and tops to open the safe.
  8. Use code 578632 and unlock the safe> get a saw.
  9. Utilize a hammer and smash the wall> use a flame by burning a candle with a lighter.
  10. Take a jack> Choose the saw from inventory.
  11. Now Press the button to slash the chain of the cabinet.
  12. Near the stairs you can see a crowbar> take it and use it to peel off the wooden parts and open the cabinet.
  13. Now you need to play a mini-game> in the mini-game the task is to take all the stones on a rod in a reasonable way.
  14. Unlock the green box and add a handle to your inventory.
  15. Go into your inventory to attach the handle and jack and set it under the door to unlock it.

Hopefully, you will understand the complete Rooms and Exits Walkthrough

Rooms and Exits

This game became incredibly famous in a short period. This game provides a marvellous puzzle-solving and room-escaping gaming experience for its users. The graphics and the sound quality of this terrific game are also acceptable. You can see and hear anything smoothly with their attractive graphics and sound quality. Many stunning puzzle games exist nowadays but Rooms and Exits are the most elegant. So if you love playing puzzle-solving games then download the Rooms And Exits Walkthrough game now and enjoy its realistic gaming experience.

Rooms And Exits Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Rooms And Exits Walkthrough

1. What is “Rooms And Exits”?

“Rooms And Exits” is a puzzle game that challenges players to solve a variety of puzzles in order to escape from locked rooms. Each room presents a unique set of clues and puzzles that players must decipher to find their way out.

2. Where can I find a walkthrough for “Rooms And Exits”?

Walkthroughs for “Rooms And Exits” can be found on gaming websites, forums, and YouTube channels dedicated to puzzle and escape games. These resources provide step-by-step guides and strategies for solving each room’s puzzles.

3. Are walkthroughs for “Rooms And Exits” updated regularly?

Yes, walkthroughs for “Rooms And Exits” are updated regularly to reflect new levels, updates, and solutions added to the game. It’s a good idea to check for the latest version of a walkthrough to ensure it includes the most current content.

4. Can I complete “Rooms And Exits” without a walkthrough?

While it’s possible to complete “Rooms And Exits” without a walkthrough, some players may find certain puzzles challenging and opt to use a walkthrough for hints or solutions. Walkthroughs can provide valuable assistance without revealing the entire solution.

5. Are there any tips for using “Rooms And Exits” walkthroughs effectively?

When using a walkthrough, try to use it as a hint guide rather than a solution manual. Attempt the puzzles on your own first, and consult the walkthrough if you’re truly stuck. This approach ensures you still enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of solving puzzles.

6. How difficult are the puzzles in “Rooms And Exits”?

The difficulty of puzzles in “Rooms And Exits” varies, with some being straightforward and others more complex. The game is designed to challenge players of all skill levels, providing a satisfying mix of easy wins and harder challenges.

7. Is “Rooms And Exits” suitable for all ages?

“Rooms And Exits” is suitable for players of various ages who enjoy puzzle and escape room games. However, younger players may find some puzzles challenging and may benefit from adult assistance or using a walkthrough.

8. Can I play “Rooms And Exits” on multiple devices?

“Rooms And Exits” is available on various platforms, and the ability to play across multiple devices depends on the game’s specific version and platform compatibility. Check the game’s details on your preferred platform for more information.

9. How often is “Rooms And Exits” updated with new rooms?

The developers of “Rooms And Exits” regularly update the game with new rooms and puzzles to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging. Check the game’s official website or social media channels for updates on new content.

10. What should I do if I’m stuck on a puzzle in “Rooms And Exits” even with a walkthrough?

If you’re stuck on a puzzle despite using a walkthrough, try taking a break and returning to it later with a fresh perspective. Sometimes, stepping away can help you see clues or solutions you might have missed. You can also seek tips from the gaming community through forums or social media groups dedicated to the game.

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