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Seeds of Chaos Walkthrough – Complete Guide [UPDATED]

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Prologue – Seeds of Chaos Walkthrough

1. Rowan & Alexia 1: When Rowan put back house > 1st opportunity (from behind)

2. Jezera & Rowan 1: Later the jails, Rowan will get on to the Throne > Serve Jereza

3. Andras & Rowan 1: After the slammers, Rowan will reach the Throne > Serve Andras

4. Andras & Alexia 1: (RequiresNTR) at the destiny of 1st week, if Rowan doesn’t sneak out or advises Alexia to snooze with Andras

5. Rowan & Alexia 2: They fulfill the destiny of 3rd week > 1st choice (set up himself growing)

Raeve Keep – Seeds Of Chaos Walkthrough

  1.  Rowan & Helayna 1: Raeve Keep > Conquer> Helayna will relinquish > 1st option > F…
  2.  Orcs & Helayna 1: After the final intention decides on > Watch the Orcs…
  3.  Knights & Helayna 1: Raeve Keep > Infiltrate > Helayna will renounce > 1st opportunity > F.. > then select to Supervise the Knights.
  4. Jereza & Doran 1: Raeve Keep > Conquer or Infiltrate > When Jereza meets face to face Doran 1st option (begin again attending to Jereza)

Rastedel – Seeds Of Chaos Walkthrough

  1.  Rowan & Mystery Woman: After the hop, take off to her
  2.  Jereza & Half Minotaur: At the destiny of the week > see Jereza and Watch
  3.  Jereza & Human Commander: watch when Andras creates the crystal hop during the fighting strategies circumstance
  4.  Rowan & Delane: If you rescued Delane (Orciad) and you keep vocal to her (the ball) > Return to Rastedel, look in on the club, and get on for it
  5. We lump & Woman: Twins success feast > hold until you can attend to
  6. Orc Group: Rowan will call upon Verdoin Abbey > Take the outing
  7. Rowan & Delane: If you rescued Delane (Orciad) and you carry communicated to her (the ball) > begin show 4, look in on the motel, stay Delane, go for it
  8. Rowan & Juliet: Start show 4 and after the procession,> come by the motel > stay Juliet > Visit Juliet Again > Commit (needs 60 deterioration)
  9. Shani & Rowan: When staying the slums > 4th circumstance (needs to include glimpsed the 2nd occasion) > Sleep with Shani

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Alexia’s Corruption – Seeds of Chaos Walkthrough

1. Alexia Medium Corruption: Alexia attains med criminality

2. Jereza & Girls (RequiresNTR & 5 facts of Jereza Influence) > Jereza will submit to demonstrate the palace > go with her

3. Jereza & Alexia (RequiresNTR & 5 significances of Jereza Influence & Alexia’s connection > 50 & Andras path inactive) > Jereza will propose to indicate the castle > go with her

4. Alexia & Jereza: The two portions of the prior circumstance

5. Drokk & Alexia (RequiresNTR & 5 facts of Andras Influence & Alexia’s connection > 50 & Jereza way inactive) > Insult Drokk around

6. Andras & Mystery Slave (RequiresNTR & 5 significances of Andras Influence & Alexia’s connection) > Automatic

7. Alexia & Andras (RequiresNTR & 5 junctures of Andras Influence & Alexia’s affair) > Meet Andras in the Throne Chamber

Seeds of Chaos Walkthrough

Events – Seeds Of Chaos Walkthrough

Here are some events in the Seeds Of Chaos Walkthrough

Ruler Events

1. Jereza & Alexia 1 (RequiresNTR) Who should Alexia stay for support > Jereza > and don’t Flee

2. Andras & Rowan: Andras will engage you > 2nd intention (s** with him)

3. Rowan & Cla-Min (Needs the chat about goblins with Cla Min): Family Dinner > 1st option (attain a B…)

4. X’Zaratl & Rowan & Alexia 1 (Dark Sanctum gives birth to to be created): select confront her currently when the 3 personalities are jointly

5. Clionha & Rowan 1: When she raises a question you for a selection > 1st selection Receive an H…and whatever else)

6. Rowan & Skordred 1: Pose for a sculpture inquiry > 1st (S…N…for Skordred)

7. Jereza & Dark Elf & Rowan: join Jezera on her journey as her slave

8. Rowan & Alexia 3: You retain to be living with Alexia in your compartments > go for it when functional

9. Andras & Rowan 3 (Needs the Arena): when he makes an effort to decoy you > Deferentially explanation

10. Alexia & Rowan (Requires guilt & Dark Sanctum & experienced X’Zaratl) > Try out X’Zaratl technique

11. Andras & Alexia 2 (Requires NTR): Allow Andras to quit with Alexia when he appeals angrily

12. Jereza & Shaya (Requires Brothel): Don’t exit when Alexia is tangled

13. Jet Ness & Rowan (Requires Breeding pit & Driders): Deal with the driver with only Rowan

14. Rowan & Cla-min (Requires Goblin Dinner & Raeve have seized): select Cla-min in trade for the dagger

15. Rowan & Cla-Bow (Requires Goblin Dinner & Raeve Keep apprehended): select Cla-Bow in discussion for the blade

16. Greyhide & Alexia (Requires NTR & create the forge & instruct Greyhide to Rowan’s missis): Don’t pay back when Alexia is intoxicated

17. Rowan & Draith (Requires Breeding pits): Go for it (with Draith) after Jereza scolds him

18. Rowan & Helayna 2: Mechanical occasion if Rowan argued Helayna in Raeve Keep

19. Andras & Helayna: Automated circumstance if Rowan accomplishes didn’t claim Helayna in Raeve Keep (but don’t storm out during the feed)

20. Andras & Alexia 3 (RequiresNTR): Who should Alexia stay for benefit > Andras > furthermore decide on his phrases

21. Alexia & Rowan (Requires Dark Sanctum & Z’zaratl encountered): prefer the argument of a p…to conspiracy Alexia & again Rowan to go along with it

22. Rowan & Helayna 3 & 4; Computerized occasion if Rowan asserted Helayna and if she keeps up in his chamber

23. Andras & Alexia 4 (Requires Netorare & keep declared Helayna): After Alexia & Rowan argue, Andras will see him > Invite him > Andras impact over Alexia will consequence on the setting

24. Jereza & Rowan 2: Stroke her when she inquires of you

25. Rowan & Greyhide: when drinking > Company of dudes > when sipping similarly > pay back his appreciations

26. Rowan & Helayna 5 (Requires contended Helayna & she keeps up in his chamber: Tell her that you adore her when she is posing by the window

27. Liurial & Rowan: When Rowan satisfies her > enable her to retain.

28. Rowan & Alexia & Greyhide: Automatic if Rowan or Alexia have heretofore enjoyed Greyhide

29. Helayna’s day off: Mechanical if you have contended Helayna and notified her that you worship her

30. Rowan & Alexia 4: Punish Alexia after she cares for Helayna’s getaway

31. Wulump & Alexia 1 (RequiresNTR) reflexive after the last circumstance

32. Wulump & Alexia 2: Automatic 1 week after the last possibility

33. Alexia & Wulump 3: Automatic 1 week after the earlier affair

34. Andras & Alexia 5: Automatic 1 week after the 3rd jail occurrence

35. Rowan & Helayna 6: After Helayna’s day off event conversation with her, select an examination of her sub.

36. Rowan & Helayna 7: After Helayna’s day off occasion conversation with her and prefer to test her martial mastery

37. Jereza & Alexia 2 (Requires Jereza 5 impact facts over Alexia): stay with Jereza when convened and provide for her needs

38. Rowan & Skordred 2: When you discover Skordred in a shelter, go for it

39. Rowan & Liural & Aleia: Automatic if Rowan has existed with Liural, Alexia crime >= medium, and you didn’t tell an untruth to Alexia about the meeting with Liurial

40. Jereza & Alexia 3: 2 drunk workers event > choose go to Jereza with the problem & Blame Rowan x3 times > Kiss Jereza

41. Rowan & Alexia 5: 2 drunk employees event > decide on going to Rowan with the difficulty > agree with his penalty

42. Cliohna & Rowan 2: Requires to permit cliohna last setting > Agree with her to be a portion of the investigation

43. Rowan & Alexia 6: (Requires tall stat between Rowan & Alexia) Kiss Alexia during the breeze

44. Alexia Solo: Requires to fascinate Alexia with the P notion & the background with X’Zaratl where Alexia thrives a D > See what the succubus wishes for

45. Rowan & Young Aspirant (Requires 2 villages): Test the candidate that Cla-Min Brings you

46. Andras & Alexia (RequiresNTR, Alexia laboring & Arena built): Andras will mandate Alexia washes him > Agree

47. Andras & Rowan 4 (Requires 2 villages): take the humiliation

48. Jereza & Rowan 3 (Requires 2 villages): Sweet conversation Jereza, and do what she inquires of

49. Jereza & Rowan 4 (Requires 2 villages): Toss her against the dest > resume with the way

50. Rowan & Alexia 7: Automatic, but needs 1st goal, Alexia soft deterioration, Alexia & Rowan reasonable connection & Alexia stays in his enclosure

51. Rowan & Alexia 8 (Requires Rowan corruption >= medium): While she is working accept her refinements

52. Cliohna & Rowan 3: Automatic if you have opened the prior 2 stages with Cliohna

53. Rowan & Liurial 5: If she is rejected > punish her for violating

Seeds of Chaos Walkthrough & Guide – Map Events

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Seeds of chaos walkthrough

Forest Events

1. Rowan & Dryan (Requires deterioration): put up the edge of the trapped dryad

2. Arzyl & Rowan: Take as Instructed

3. Rowan & Obelius (Needs the starvation notification sovereign event): cooperate with the contrabandist and receive Obelius’s recommendation.

4. Rowan & Koh (In Seeds Of Chaos Walkthrough they need the starvation alert majesty circumstance): cooperate with the mules, but currently you choose an additional feminine corporation

Swamp Events

1. Rowan & Alanthe (Requires decomposition): chat with the wisp > spend the tax

2. Man Sacrifice & Elf Witches (Requires breakdown): Sneak up and wait on the ritual

Hills Events

1. Rowan & Ygriss: Have a sip with her and receive

Settlement Events

1. Rowan & 2 village girls: after the village, capture accept the immoral dignified attending

Abbey Events

1. Dazzanath & Rowan (Requires Dark Sanctum & brothel): Kneel before her

2. Dazzanath & Agatha: (furthermore need Dark Sanctum & brothel): Watch Agatha kneel before her

Mine Events

1. Rowan & Sheena: Encourage Sheena

2. Rowan & Qais: Encourage, but currently Qais

Orc Camp Events

1. Rowan & 2 orc lasses: select to employ it for the negotiation

2. Orc Chieftess & Rowan: glance at her unintentionally when seized

3. Rowan & Female orc: find camp circumstance > victory one of the occasions

4. Spy & Delane: Corrupt Delane with a spy > computerized successive weeks

5. Rowan & Liurial (Requires Liurial as an assistant): Corrupt Delane with a spy > select to get on for it with Liurial when she comes to be elicited in the last week

6. Ulcro & Delane: Aid Ulcro in the Orciad chain > Stare

7. Batri & Delane: Aid Batri in the Orciad chain > furthermore Watch

8. Andras & Batri & Rowan: Aid Batri in the Orciad chain > join Andras & Batri

9. Kraug & Snag & Delane: Aid Tarish in the Orciad chain > Stare

10. Rowan & Tarish: Aid Tarish in the Orciad chain > Seize Advantage

11. Emma & Rowan (Needs hapless slave circumstance & meet Emma): come together Emma too when investigating the orc camp

12. Rowan & Delane: Find Delane & achieve her confidence > Plan her out (secure, distract and even discover a path)

Job and Maid Events

1. Alexia & Mr Garthforth: Alexia to function as a housekeeper > Jereza Asks for her > Drink tonic > But Let Alexia Leave

2. Alexia & Liurial: Automatic if they keep already lived in stages jointly

3. Mary & Alexia (Instructs them to be buddies): trick around with her in the cupboard

Breeding Pits Events

1. Drider & Orc female: Alexia to labor at spawning holes > supervise then the driver flights

2. Andras & Draith: Peek when Alexia finds Andras & Draith

3. Alexia (Requires NTR): do what Andras tells when the tonic & Rowan

Tavern Events

1. Jak & Indarah: Alexia to function in the tavern > decide on Indarah’s recommendation

2. Jak & Indarah 2: Alexia to labor in the tavern > stare jak & indara 2nd setting

3. Andras & Alexia: Serve Andras > Don’t allow Indarah to carry Alexia’s spot

Forge Events

1. Alexia & Greyhide (Requires Greyhide & Rowan & Alexia scene, and begin connections with Greyhide again after that): Make Alexia enable him when he brings provoked

Fey events – Seeds Of Chaos Walkthrough

1. Orcs & Nileth: Visit Arzyl quarters double after the ambassadors > Go & meet the coming partner > Don’t interfere

2. Jereza & Arzyl: Visit Arzyl quarters 4 times after the emissaries > receive gift > wait & watch

3. Rowan & Heartsong ( In Seeds Of Chaos Walkthrough it requires envoys in Bloodmen & 2 discussions with Whitescar): after Heartsong’s Dreamscape ruler circumstance don’t snub

4. Fey Handmaiden & Rowan (In Seeds Of Chaos Walkthrough it requires consuls in Bloodmen & spawning pit & 2 drivers in the pits): Aryzl can employ 1 driver for handmaiden > attempt for it

5. Rowan & Heartsong 2: Automatic after the last heart song stage

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Room Events – Seeds of Chaos Walkthrough

Room Repeteable scenes – Seeds Of Chaos Walkthrough

1. Rowan & Draith: After 1st Draith scene > functional from spawning pits menu

2. Ronan & Liurial: Throne Room menu > convene Liurial

3. Liurial & Rowan 3: Throne Room menu > muster Liurial > better severe

4. Rowan & Liurial 4: Enforce O*** denial during 3 weeks > after that notify her to conduct

5. Rowan & Cla-Min 3: From the Caravan chamber menu, but after the blade occasion

6. Shaya & Rowan: From the Brothel chamber menu, but after Rowan meets Shaya

7. Rowan & Maid: From Rowan’s rooms, but if Helayna retains not fled and there is a way for her

Room Unique scenes – Seeds Of Chaos Walkthrough

1. Helayna workout 1 (Requires Claimed Helayna & she didn’t want exit & Day Off circumstance & choose bed way) Unlock it from Rowan’s chamber menu

2. Helayna training 2 (Requires the last event) Unlock it from Rowan’s room menu again

3. Rowan & Transformed Orcess: When Nasim is unrestricted in the palace > inquire of him about his work > go for it

4. Rowan & Shaya (Requires Brothel & the majesty possibility Rowan’s Reward & Jezera to include submitted Rowan a unique prize): mechanical, but if situations are fulfilled.

Seeds of Chaos Walkthrough

Seeds of Chaos

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