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Rooms And Exits Cinema Walkthrough – Level 20 [UPDATED]

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If you’re looking for a guide then Rooms And Exits Cinema Walkthrough which is level 20 is best for you. Rooms and Exits is the most attractive puzzle-solving mystery game ever. This game has incredible elements and unusual gameplay. The gaming occasion of this game was gorgeous. It is a great puzzle-solving mystery game. The gameplay of Rooms and Exits is tricky and fully loaded with suspicion. The Rooms And Exits Cinema level is solved in this impressive walkthrough. Rooms and Exits are offered by Crystal Webelinx Games. It was released on August 17, 2020.

Rooms And Exits Cinema Walkthrough

Here is the complete Rooms And Exits Cinema Walkthrough.


  • Tap on the coffee machine button.
  • Take the paper from here and bring a USB> a stand present here> take it.
  • Check inventory and dismantle the stand> take the stick and use it, and bring a key from the holder.
  • The holder present on the left side wall> now uses that key to unlock the drawer.

Rooms And Exits Cinema Walkthrough

  • Get the paper> go to inventory> dismantle it> you find a hint CNMA.
  • Now put this code to turn on the PC> click on the 3rd PC and connect the wire.
  • Put in the roll of paper> now tap on the screen> you can find a clue.
  • Put that code into the third pc to get a ticket.

Rooms And Exits Cinema Walkthrough

Enter In Cinemas

  • Go inside the new room> put the ticket in the machine and go inside room 2z
  • You’ll reach an empty hall> go back to the main area, and fill the cup with popcorn.
  • Go back to the room> movie stars> use the glasses.
  • Here you’ll see some number 1372.

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Rooms And Exits Cinema Walkthrough

Main Area

  • You’ll find a code here> Go back to the main area.
  • You’ll see 3 PCs here> go toward the number 2 and enter the code.
  • Play a mini-game> Go to the first PC> Unlock it.
  • Give the subsequent digits 8+11+13 to obtain A3, B4, C10, D12, E11, A1, and F6.
  • Now move to PC 3> put that number> you’ll get the Cinema 1 ticket.

Rooms And Exits Cinema Walkthrough

Go To Cinema Room 1

  • Enter inside the cinema 1> Put the ticket into the ticket machine.
  • Go to the first room> Take the poster.
  • Go back and carry a scissor> Go to the inventory.
  • Tap on the poster and the scissor> Dismantle it> You’ll get 3D glasses.
  • Go to the room> you’ll see arrow positions> go out.
  • Set the arrow> you’ll receive an extinguisher> employ it.
  • Go back to the main room and you’ll receive a code 3581.
  • Enter the code at the exit door to go out.
  • Congratulations! You’ve completed Rooms And Exits Cinema Walkthrough (Level 20).

Hopefully, you have understood the complete Rooms And Exits Cinema Walkthrough

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Rooms And Exits Cinema Walkthrough

Rooms And Exits

Rooms and Exits is one of the most popular and outstanding puzzle-solving mystery games ever on the Android platform. This game has tremendous characteristics and beautiful gameplay. If you love to play puzzles and solve mystery games then this game is for you. The supervisions and the other things of this game are also glimmering.

This game became very famous in a very short period. This game delivers a fabulous puzzle-solving and room-escaping gaming experience for its users. The graphics and the sound quality of this terrific game are also satisfactory. You can see and hear anything smoothly with their gorgeous graphics and sound quality. Many stunning puzzle-solving mystery games exist nowadays but Rooms and Exits is such a graceful puzzle-solving mystery game.

Creating a set of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) for a walkthrough, specifically for the “Rooms And Exits: Cinema” level, involves covering common questions players might have while navigating through this puzzle. I’ll assume this level involves typical escape room elements such as finding keys, solving puzzles, and using objects interactively within the context of a cinema-themed setting. Here are some FAQs that could help players:

1. How do I start the “Cinema” level in Rooms And Exits?

To begin the “Cinema” level, select it from the level menu. Ensure you’ve completed any prerequisite levels if the game has a progression system.

2. I’m stuck at the beginning. Where can I find the first key?

The first key is often hidden in a place related to the theme. In a cinema, check behind posters, under seats, or in the popcorn machine. Use any interactive elements to explore your surroundings.

3. How do I solve the puzzle with the movie posters?

Movie poster puzzles usually require matching themes, release years, or directors. Pay attention to any hints in the room that might suggest an order or a specific characteristic to focus on.

4. What do I do with the film reel I found?

Film reels can typically be used on projectors found within the cinema room. Look for a projector and place the film reel to play it. Watch for any numbers, letters, or clues that appear on the screen.

5. How can I unlock the door with the combination lock?

The combination is usually related to the cinema itself. Think of significant numbers seen around—movie release years, seat numbers, or something from the film reel. Sometimes, the combination is hidden in puzzles or clues scattered around the room.

6. I found a strange object. What is its purpose?

Objects can often be combined with others to form a tool or key. If it’s unclear what to do with an object, try interacting with various elements in the room or combining it with items in your inventory to discover its use.

7. How can I solve the audio puzzle in the sound booth?

Listen to the audio cues carefully. The solution might involve repeating a sequence, matching sounds to visuals, or adjusting levels to match a specific pattern indicated elsewhere in the level.

8. The exit door is locked. Where is the key?

The final key is usually the reward for solving the last major puzzle, which may involve collecting several items or completing a series of tasks. Make sure you’ve explored the room thoroughly and solved all puzzles.

9. I’ve done everything, but the door still won’t open. What am I missing?

Ensure you’ve interacted with all elements in the room and that your inventory doesn’t contain unused items. Sometimes, a step can be overlooked, or an item needs to be used more than once.

10. Are there any tips for beginners in escape room games like Rooms And Exits?

  • Take notes: Keeping track of clues and items can be crucial.
  • Explore thoroughly: Look at every detail in the room for hidden objects or clues.
  • Think outside the box: Some puzzles require creative thinking.
  • Patience is key: Some puzzles can take time to solve, so take a break if needed and return with a fresh perspective.

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