Rooms And Exits Optical Store Walkthrough – Level 25 [UPDATED]

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If you’re looking for a guide then Rooms And Exits Optical Store Walkthrough which is level 25 is best for you. Rooms and Exits is the most adorable puzzle-solving mystery game ever. This game has extraordinary components and unique gameplay. The gaming experience of this game was stunning. It is a great puzzle-solving mystery game. The gameplay of Rooms and Exits is problematic and fully loaded with apprehension. The Rooms And Exits Optical Store level is solved in this outstanding walkthrough. Rooms and Exits are offered by Crystal Webelinx Games.

Rooms And Exits Optical Store Walkthrough

Here is the complete Rooms And Exits Optical Store Walkthrough.


  • When the level starts you need to tap on the rack on your right side.
  • Take a key from here> also carry the red thing present here.
  • Now move to the left side> a cabinet present here.
  • Choose the key and unlock the cabinet> take glasses from here.
  • Now choose the glass and keep it in the cabinet.

Rooms And Exits Optical Store Walkthrough

  • Play a mini-game> You’ll receive a code 68359.
  • Now go to the foremost table> and find a digital locker here.
  • Give code 68459> unlock it> take the yellow color thing from there.

Rooms And Exits Optical Store Walkthrough

Move To The Second Room

  1. You’ll find a door from where you can enter a new room.
  2. Here you’ll see the game place> some Ps> chairs, a table, a tank, and many other items available.
  3. Click on the table> you’ll get a yellow paper> you’ll find a number inside the document.
  4. Open the cabinet and take another thing> now go and sit on the chair.

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Rooms And Exits Optical Store Walkthrough

  • Merge those three things> you’ll find places to discover.
  • Employ the code and open the lockbox.
  • The Code is TOD.
  • Open the vault and carry the key.
  • Move toward the main room.
  • Unlock the door with the help of the key and go outside.
  • Congratulations! You’ve completed Rooms And Exits Optical Store Walkthrough (Level 25).

Hopefully, you have understood the complete Rooms And Exits Optical Store Walkthrough

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Rooms And Exits Optical Store Walkthrough

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