Rooms And Exits Gym Walkthrough

Rooms And Exits Gym Walkthrough Level 10 [UPDATED]

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If you’re looking for a guide then Rooms and Exits Gym Walkthrough which is level 10 is best for you. Rooms and Exits is the most attractive puzzle-solving mystery game ever. This game has incredible characteristics and unique gameplay. The gaming occasion of this game was attractive. It is a fantastic puzzle-solving mystery game. The gameplay of Rooms and Exits is a little bit difficult and fully loaded with apprehension. The Rooms and Exits Gym The level is solved in this outstanding walkthrough. Rooms and Exits are offered by Crystal Webelinx Games. It was released on August 17, 2020.

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Rooms And Exits Gym Walkthrough

Here is the complete Rooms And Exits Gym Walkthrough.


  • In the starting, you’re present in a gym> there are tons of machines present here.
  • Some numbers are written on the mats along with the cycling machine.
  • Tap on the cabinet> now tap on the locker first
  • Put code 6098> take the object.
  • Go to the inventory> select and dismantle and carry a rod.
  • Collect a plate here> and go toward the other cabinet.
  • Enter the code 165> tale the paddle
  • Go inside your inventory choose them both and combine them.
  • Fix the paddle> Count all the weight plates>
  • Go toward the machine and enter code 3516.
  • You can see an arrow> it’s a direction.
  • Tap on the treadmill> and remember all these steps.
  • Tap on the other cabinet> Set the position
  • Open the screen of the treadmill and take a key.
  • Now open the shower room with this key.

Rooms And Exits Gym Walkthrough

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Enter the shower Room

  • Employ the plate and repair it with pipe> Revolve the plate.
  • Detach the connection> Take the key
  • Go to the inventory and dismantle all the keys.
  • Now go to the gym> Try to open the 4th door.
  • Carry the rod> Choose the gloves
  • Hit the punching bag.
  • Tap on the sheet> Now go toward the main door.
  • Draw a pattern you found on the sheet
  • The door opens and goes away.
  • Congratulations! You’ve completed Rooms And Exits Gym Walkthrough.

Hopefully, you have understood the complete Rooms And Exits Gym Walkthrough

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Rooms And Exits Gym Walkthrough

Rooms And Exits

Rooms and Exits is one of the most popular and outstanding puzzle-solving mystery game ever on the Android platform. This game has tremendous characteristics and beautiful gameplay. If you love to play puzzles and solve mystery games then this game is for you. The supervisions and the other things of this game are also glimmering.

This game became very famous in a very short period. This game delivers a fabulous puzzle-solving and room-escaping gaming experience for its users. The graphics and the sound quality of this terrific game are also satisfactory. You can see and hear anything smoothly with their gorgeous graphics and sound quality. Many stunning puzzle-solving mystery games exist nowadays but Rooms and Exits is such a graceful puzzle-solving mystery game.

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