Trick Or Treat Adventure Walkthrough – Complete Guide

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If you’re looking for a guide then Trick Or Treat Adventure Walkthrough is perfect for you. Trick Or Treat Adventure is a Halloween-themed adventure click-or-point video game. This game has gorgeous features and impressive gameplay. The gaming experience of this game was brilliant. All the puzzles are figured out in this walkthrough. Trick Or Treat Adventure is offered by Newgrounds. It was officially released on October 31, 2007

Trick Or Treat Adventure Walkthrough

Here is the complete Trick Or Treat Adventure Walkthrough.

Enter In The House For Costume

  1. In Trick or Treat Adventure when you enter the house take the comics.
  2. Carry the underwear> move toward the hallway> and arrive at the mouse hole.
  3. Switch off the light in the hallway> and employ the key on your parents’ room door.
  4. Unlock it and go inside> switch on the recorder> close the door.
  5. Carry another key> Use this key on the cuffs> Now move toward the kitchen.
  6. In the kitchen open the drawer> now take the utensils and glue.
  7. Join both of them to get a love note, cereal, and bucket> switch on the lights.
  8. Go back to the living room> turn off the lights here.
  9. Now go inside the basement to get a crowbar, mousetrap, and drill.
  10. Join The bucket and drill to make a helmet> enter in the living room.
  11. Employ the trap on boots> now go to the kitchen and set the hamster in the oven.
  12. Get the hair> Now put glue on the hair to create a mustache.
  13. After that go to the bathroom and take toilet paper and on the tub> join cereal with water.
  14. Water changes its color to blue> now put yellow stained underwear.
  15. It turns green> and the Commander Claw costume comes up.

Aged Woman and the Spider

  1. Go outside and speak with Elvira> Take the lighter from them.
  2. Enter the store> Get syrup and Twinkie from here.
  3. Join Syrup with Jolly Rancher> Achieve into sewer Duct.
  4. You’ll find a syringe> Combine a syringe with a can> Then combine the syringe with Twinkie.
  5. Moved to the spider screen> spider eats butterfree> spider dies> take the woman candy.

Trick Or Treat Adventure Walkthrough

Man with plumbing difficulties and the C.H.U.D.

  1. Move to the Guybrush Threewood screen> ill the Guybrush in the war.
  2. You’ll bring taffy> provide toilet paper to Billy> you’ll get candy corn.
  3. Move toward Ricola guy> give him a cough drop> and join horn to Taffy.
  4. Create a plug> Now employ the crowbar on the manhole to unlock it.
  5. Enter into the sewer> now enter in C.H.U.D> employ the corn on it.
  6. Switch on the fan and beat C.H.U.D> go to the leaky pipe screen.
  7. Employ plug on it and go back to surface> move to screen> speak with the guy to get candy.

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Win Against Cerberus

  1. Move to the space balls screen> Provide trooper bald hamster to change his lost iguana.
  2. Take his super soaker> Go to the screen with Mexican.
  3. Provide mustache to carry beer> Move to the screen with the sound wave transformer.
  4. Provide beer to have him> Go to the redneck trailer screen.
  5. Convey redneck shaken beer> Employ handcuffs on redneck.
  6. Bring moonshine> Join it with a super soaker.
  7. Join the lighter with a super soaker and finish the flamethrower.
  8. Go back to the screen with Cerberus> employ the flame on Cerberus.
  9. Take the key to the gate> unlock the game> and go right to enter Satan the cave.

Trick Or Treat Adventure Walkthrough

Win against Satan

  1. Enter the cave> speak with Satan and win against them.
  2. Then reply to Trivia perfectly and see the ending.
  3. Congratulations! You’ve completed the Trick Or Treat Adventure Walkthrough.

Hopefully, you have understood the complete Trick Or Treat Adventure Walkthrough

Trick Or Treat Adventure

Trick Or Treat Adventure is one of the most popular Halloween-themed adventure click-or-point video games ever on the console platform. If you love playing Halloween-themed adventure click-or-point video games then this game is for you. The interface of this game and the other specialties of this game are fantastic.

This game came to be a very notable adventure click-or-point video game in a very short duration of time. This game provides a preposterous gaming event to its users. This game provides us with thrilling adventure and an outstanding visual gaming experience at the exact time. The sound quality of this game was so helpful. Many adventure click or point Halloween style video games exist nowadays but Trick Or Treat Adventure is the most skilled adventure video game ever. Have fun while enjoying the fabulous gaming experience of Trick Or Treat Adventure.

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