The Only Way Out Walkthrough

The Only Way Out Walkthrough – Dying Light 2 Complete Guide

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If you’re looking for a guide then The Only Way Out Walkthrough is perfect for you. Dying Light 2 is such an outstanding action role-playing video game. The Only Way Out is part of the game Dying Light 2. This game has stunning features and outstanding gameplay. All the mysteries are figured out in this walkthrough. Dying Light 2 is offered by Techland. It was officially released on February 4, 2022.

The Only Way Out Walkthrough

Here is the complete The Only Way Out Walkthrough.


  1. Aiden can come into the bazaar> and chase the mission.
  2. Over the tracker to go there> go inside the building> speak with the person of the bazaar.
  3. They tell you to do something> do some small exploration and get exciting prizes.
  4. Hakon to reach you> meet him near the station> mark the location to create the item simply.

Meet Hakon

  1. Go to meet Hakon> he pinpoints the peacekeeper’s headquarters.
  2. Enters the headquarters> Take the metro specialized station.
  3. Bring an airlock to the Central Loop.

Come into Tunnel

  1. Aiden wakes up> and goes to the metro tunnel> a gate protected by some infected.
  2. Contracts with them> unlocks the door> goes down.
  3. Open the door on his right> and keep going.
  4. Go to the left side door to exit the room> jump to the duct.
  5. Keep moving> you’ll have a place> the place is full of resting infected crouches.
  6. If you stay much time in this area your exemption will reduce.
  7. Go left> move forward> enter in another room> go to the left hub of the room.
  8. A small opening is present in the wall> this tunnel fills with infected> go to the left.
  9. Keep going> go to the stairs> you’ll find an exit game.
  10. Open it> move ahead> you’ll see a new door> go into the door.
  11. Obey the way> keep going> go to the stairs> infected present inside it.
  12. Eat them> go outside the wagon> move ahead> enter in a new place in the tunnel> go left.
  13. Now move upstairs> you’ll find some UV Shroomz here.
  14. Get to another metro wagon> Infected Look over this place.
  15. Go outside the wagon> Leave the gate> Squat here and you’ll achieve the UV flares.
  16. If your exemption finishes> Go up> Take the weapon.
  17. Open the door> A cutscene appears> Avoid the acid spit.
  18. Deal with infection> Now you’ll lock and pick the door.
  19. Open the door> Now open the door in front of you and go inside the room.
  20. Jump to the duct> start listening hakon> keep moving and go outside the duct> utilize the duct in the back of the hall.
  21. Enter inside and move on> Now you are present in the Peacekeeper’s headquarters.

The Only Way Out Walkthrough

Meet Commander Aitor

  1. Move to your right> and reach the platform> unlock the airlock.
  2. It was on the left side of the region> push the switch.
  3. you’ll be caught by Peacekeepers> They take you to the commander.
  4. Aiden will notify Aitor he was looking for someone.
  5. Aitor notifies him that he can’t open the tunnel till they find the murderer of Lucas.
  6. Aitor tells him about help to find his weapon> dialogue wheel will unlock.

Reunite with Hakon

  1. Aiden looks for a weapon and utilizes the Peacekeeper’s headquarters as a secure zone.
  2. Hakon reaches Aiden> and tells him to meet outside.
  3. Go outside the headquarters> obey the mark> and meet with him.
  4. Aiden will inform Halon> that the commander requires help.
  5. Now Hakon tells him that he knows someone who knows something about weapons> his name was Hubert.

Look For Hubert

  1. In The Only Way Out Walkthrough Obey the mark
  2. You’ll reach his location> Wait for him until he seems.
  3. When you wake up> A man arrives here and tells Hubert that Aiden finds him.
  4. He starts running> Try not to fall and grab Hubert.
  5. Hakon tells you that he was on GRE Roof> move up> go to the left.
  6. Climb here again> he was on the outside of the gate.

The Only Way Out Walkthrough

Look For Maya

  1. Hubert tells you about Maya and that he tried to sell the weapon.
  2. Now you need to find Maya> follow the mark> you’ll reach a building> go inside.
  3. Enter the room> you’ll see 2 children and a crate here.
  4. Maya informs you that she gives him 500 for the weapon.

Move Back to Aitor

  1. She provides you with a weapon> and goes back to the commander.
  2. Enter inside> Aitor is getting tattooed.
  3. He tells you he can’t open the tunnel until he finds the murderer.
  4. You help him or just wait.
  5. You’ll need to find suspects in the bazaar.

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Meet Carl

  1. Go outside the base and meet Hakon> he informs you that two people are worth talking to in the bazaar.
  2. Enter the bazaar> Go to Carl> Aiden tells Carl that he was searching for Sophie.
  3. He says why> Then you reply to him that I want to talk about Lucca’s death.
  4. Carl tells about Sophie’s direction> She was on the right of the church door.
  5. Speak with her> You ask her for a job> After talking> go into the church.
  6. Search two guys Vincenzo and Alberto.
  7. They say that Sophie’s brother already comes and demands the crystal.
  8. Go back> tell Sophie the news> Sophie is worried.
  9. Aiden asks Sophie for his brother and the quest is finished.
  10. Congratulations! You’ve completed The Only Way Out Walkthrough.

Hopefully, you have understood the complete The Only Way Out Walkthrough

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Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 is one of the most popular and great action role-playing video games ever on the console platform. If you love playing action role-playing video games then this game is for you. The administration and the other things of this game are wonderful. This game came to be a very prominent action role-playing video game in a very quick duration of time. This game delivers an unimaginable gaming occasion to its users.

This game gives us exciting action and an amazing visual gaming experience at the same time. The sound quality of this game was so beneficial. Many action role-playing video games exist nowadays but Dying Light 2 is the most competent action role-playing video game ever. Have fun while enjoying the awesome gaming experience of Dying Light 2.

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