silent hill homecoming walkthrough

Silent Hill Homecoming Walkthrough – Complete Guide

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If you’re looking for a guide then the Silent Hill Homecoming Walkthrough is perfect for you. Silent Hill Homecoming is such an interesting action-adventure survival horror video game. This game has enchanting features and wonderful gameplay. Silent Hill Homecoming is offered by Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH, Konami. It was officially released on September 30, 2008. Many incredible action-adventure survival horror video games exist nowadays but Silent Hill Homecoming Game is the most stimulating action-adventure survival horror video game ever.

Silent Hill Homecoming Walkthrough

Here is the complete Silent Hill Homecoming Walkthrough.

Alchemilla Hospital

Figuring Out Puzzle

  1. The Silent Hill Homecoming starts> while the tide has fetched Alex to the hospital.
  2. Getting killed outside the executioner> tapping the switch to lay off the belts.
  3. Room name 2F> opening the two doors> going from the next set of 2 doors.
  4. Discover Joshua> the gate is locked> unlocking the door> carry the hospital, Mao.
  5. Alex wants to discover another half pic to get numeric code.
  6. Go to Room 203> explore it> carry the health drink.
  7. Carry the x-ray film on the screen> employ this film to get the code.
  8. The code is 623872> enter this code> obey Joshua> A savepoint is present here.

Discover The Knife And Key

  1. Begin again to room 2F> Carry the knife to the mirror.
  2. Alex takes it> A nurse comes> Kill her> Carry the first aid kit closer to the door.
  3. Alex wants to turn off the light> Smash the window and go into the 3F room.
  4. Two nurses present here> Attack them from the back.
  5. There is a save point here> Hives strike closer to a gurney.
  6. Tap the dodge, pull them off> Good to the linen chamber.
  7. Carry the drink>now go to 3F level> obey the way.
  8. Alex requires to slink them> curry favors the discomfort and destroys all the nurses.

Finding the Toy

  1. Go to the corridor> Search Joshua> A small snob keeps talking about toys.
  2. Go to the nurse center> Carry the drink from the counters.
  3. A save point is available here> Bargain again to Room 203.
  4. Go right up in the gap> Ready to finish the displayed switch.
  5. Alex carries a Robbie figure> go back> and employ the Robbie figure.
  6. Unlock the door> Take on the wall to call the elevator down.
  7. Congratulations! You’ve completed Alchemilla Hospital level in Silent Hill Homecoming Walkthrough.

silent hill homecoming walkthrough

Shepherd Home

Bringing to the Shepherd Home

  1. At the end of the main street> a trucker drops odd Alex.
  2. Off and goes toward town hall> and meets the judge.
  3. Alex comes inside Town Hall to talk and find some things.
  4. Carry the serum> A save point is available here> After that Alex follows Craven Ave.

Find a Remote And Light

  1. No one was present in the house> Discover it> In the children’s bedroom carry the light on the hooey beds.
  2. Before departing the children’s room> See the bookshelf.
  3. Many 3 books to the left> You’ll find a hidden button> Tap it> Unlock the door.
  4. Carry house map> When light received> Go down> Meet Lillian.
  5. The door of the basement opens> go inside> cellar surges> accuse into the water.
  6. Carry the remote> move back and go inside the exterior garage

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Finding Fuel

  1. Employ the remote to open the garage entrance> and destroy the lurker.
  2. Carry the pipe> Now employ the steel pipe to open the cupboard lock.
  3. Carry the gas can> Now go outside the garage> Go to the park.
  4. Employ the steel pipe> Unlock the entrance> Kill the lurker.
  5. Employ gas can on truck> fill the gas can> go back to the home.
  6. Enter in the basement> use the gas can here> dehydrate the basement.
  7. Unlock the door to get into the backyard

Rose Heights Cemetery Reweigh

Reweigh the Cemetery

  1. Enter the Rose Height Cemetery> Beware of animals in the parking area.
  2. At the garden> Smog seen in the courtyard> Bypass it> Take ammo.
  3. Go back to the creator row> Kill an animalistic> Repay from the family crypts.
  4. Work from the same gaps and clefts> destroy the smog> shoot its lungs> open its ribs.
  5. Review the map> a save point available here.

silent hill homecoming walkthrough

Solve The Puzzle

  1. In the east garden> enter the Bartlett Mausoleum.
  2. Here’s a puzzle of sliding on a grid> the front piece is taller.
  3. The upright piece can be pulled down> along the column from the left.
  4. The answer is to set the short piece on the left> larger on the right.
  5. Alex unlocks the tomb> he’ll get a watch> and unexpectedly he goes and takes a nap.
  6. Congratulations! You’ve completed Silent Hill Homecoming Walkthrough.

Hopefully, you have understood the complete Silent Hill Homecoming Walkthrough

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Silent Hill Homecoming

Silent Hill Homecoming Game is one of the most famous and fabulous action-adventure survival horror video games ever on the console platform. This game has outstanding sound quality and graphics. If you love to play action-adventure survival horror video games then this game is for you. The superiority and the other specialties of this game are also fabulous.

This game became very apparent in a very short period. This game delivers an impressive action-adventure survival horror gaming experience to its users. You can look after anything and listen to anything plainly with their pretty graphics and sound quality. Many incredible action-adventure survival horror video games exist nowadays but Silent Hill Homecoming Game is the most stimulating action-adventure survival horror video game ever.


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