Carto Walkthrough

Carto Walkthrough – Step By Step Guide

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If you’re looking for a guide then the Carto Walkthrough is perfect for you. Carto is such an outstanding puzzle adventure video game. This game has shocking features and fabulous gameplay. Carto is offered by Sunhead Games. It was officially released on October 27, 2020. This game provides an outstanding puzzle adventure gaming experience to its users. You can scan items and listen to anything plainly with their gorgeous graphics and sound quality.

Carto Walkthrough

Here is the complete Carto Walkthrough.

Chapter 1 – Carto Walkthrough

  1. In the beginning, wake up> and go to the North> go until a map comes up.
  2. Now take the map> and go back to the discover mode and go on.
  3. Search for the piece of map> Take the map piece and speak with the man.
  4. A new piece of map on the piece> set up on the grassy place> take it.
  5. Place it on the map> The green forest edge does not match your pieces.
  6. Take a new piece of map> and join it with the current piece.
  7. On the tip of the peninsula you’ll get your next piece> fall piece on the map.
  8. A person finds to talk> talk with him> he wants to take you to his house.
  9. Join the piece> if you get it right> a new house, see the exact piece.
  10. A house seems on the exact piece> speak to a kid> stay for a seagull to land.
  11. Now drive them away> discover new pieces> and take both pieces.
  12. Join the edges> it generates a house on one piece> go to this piece on the map.
  13. Go inside the house> speak with folks> and check the glowing seashell chain.
  14. Go outside> join a piece of map> if the lake edge joins with another lake it is perfect.
  15. It results in Shianan regenerating> speak to her.
  16. Find a piece of forest> also find grassland meat and coastline.
  17. Link with the soil on this piece> you can simply get it> give it to her.
  18. He gives you a new piece> spot it to the north of the grassland piece> and it regenerates a boat.
  19. Go to the pier and speak with the girl> speak with others.
  20. Get ready to talk with Shianan> and go toward chapter 2.
  21. Congratulations! You’ve completed Level 1 in Carto Walkthrough.

Carto Walkthrough

Chapter 2 – Carto Walkthrough

  1. After conversing> go to the east and then west> discover a fresh map piece> join pieces.
  2. At the beginning of the road> you’ll see a boy> speak with him.
  3. Go towards the sheep> go back to the boy> now you can automatically oversee Auntie Tuyaa.
  4. You need to find her> see the map> go there and you’ll get Auntie Tuyaa.
  5. Gossip with her> Look for a plant with bulbous red fruit> It has only a single stem.
  6. It was also on the same piece of map> Take it and approach the sheep.
  7. Collect three shee> and take them to the boy> Now search for a secret place.
  8. Organize the snowy flower area> You’ll get a new piece.
  9. Talk with the sheep> Carry this sheep to the boy> he informs you to meet his dad.
  10. Obey the road> Join the road piece with the existing piece.
  11. Go down this way to get another piece> Join the next piece to get another piece.
  12. Go down again> Tale the piece> Speak with students and teacher.
  13. Go toward the bridge> Obey the roads> River piece found.
  14. Take the piece> Go back to the fork> Go toward the curved way.
  15. Now go inside the tent> Speak with the boy> Take the map and join the piece.
  16. You need to speak with another man whose name is Monkar.
  17. Check the book and icon> Go back to Monkar> Speak with him> Go outside.
  18. Move toward the forest and discover a boy> Take your map.
  19. Join the piece> Go inside the new forest> Speak with Ganga.
  20. Back to the Monkar> Alter the flow of the river here> If you get it exact> many personalities come on the piece.
  21. SpeakThe gone Ghost Lily appears after joining the tile with the current piece.
  22. Go toward the bridge> and meet with Lily.
  23. Attempt to straighten it and you’ll finish the chapter.
  24. Congratulations! You’ve completed Level 2 in Carto Walkthrough.

Carto Walkthrough


Carto Game is one of the most famous and terrific Puzzle Adventure video games ever on the console platform. This game has outstanding sound quality and graphics. If you adore playing puzzle adventure video games then this game is for you. The management and the other things of this game are also wonderful.

This game became very prevalent in a very short period. This game provides an outstanding puzzle adventure gaming experience to its users. You can scan items and listen to anything plainly with their gorgeous graphics and sound quality. Many fantastic Puzzle Adventure video games are present nowadays but Carto is the most exciting Puzzle Adventure video game ever.

Hopefully, you have understood the complete Carto Walkthrough

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