how to get relics in my singing monsters

How To Get Relics In My Singing Monsters

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If you want to get free relics in my singing monsters game then this article is perfect for you.


Relics are the premium currency of My Singing Monsters used to buy Werdos, Fire Islands, Fire Monsters, Magical Islands, etc. They are hard to obtain in the game but we’re telling you several ways to get Relics while playing My Singing Monsters.

How to get Relics in My Singing Monsters:

  • Daily Bonus
  • Daily Spin Wheel
  • Collecting Monsters from Amber Island
  • Removing heat from Crucible
  • Completing Goals
  • Exchanging Diamonds
  • Bonus Items Producing Monsters
  • Unlocking Required Tier in Versus Mode

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Daily Bonus

While logging in to My Singing Monsters day-to-day you will get a number of relics every day depending on your login day. You have to log in every day in a game to continue redeeming the bonus. This is the easiest way of getting relics in My Singing Monster.

Daily Spin Wheel

You will get one daily spin wheel for free in My Singing Monster, where you can get relics or other rewards. Don’t forget to use your free daily spin wheel.

Collecting Monsters From Amber Island

Collecting monsters is the main fun of this game. There is an island in My Singing Monsters named Amber Island that has bonus-producing monsters. By collecting monsters from Amber Island you can get free relics which is quite entertaining.

Removing Heat From Crucible

The Crucible is an undivided Structure on Amber Island that can convert Fire Monsters into Rare Monsters by removing their heat. While removing their heat you will get free relics that can use to buy items.

Completing Goals

My Singing Monsters gives you goals every week and month to complete. You have to complete these goals to redeem relics and other rewards. This is quite an entertaining way to get free relics in My Singing Monsters.

Exchange Diamonds

Diamonds are the vital currency of this game used to buy or exchange premium items including relics. If you have numerous diamonds you can exchange them for relics.

Bonus Items Producing Monsters

There are many bonus items producing monsters on different islands including Amber Island. You can redeem relics or other bonus items by collecting these monsters.

Unlocking Required Tier

While completing goals in a game you will reach a tier where you will get rewards including relics. There are many tiers in My Singing Monsters that can be unlocked by completing goals.

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how to get relics in my singing monsters

My Singing Monsters

My Singing Monsters is one of the foremost noted music games on the mobile platform by daisy cutter Bibble Incorporation downloaded over 10M times on Google Play Store. This game is accessible for free on Google Play Store and App Store. This game has been designed with superb 3D graphics with swish gameplay that satisfies the player while playing.

Welcome to the globe of My Singing Monsters, Breed monsters, feed the monster pet, and allow them to sing new songs with entirely different sounds. each combination of monsters can provide a new hybrid breed. Collect all monsters to boost the number of songs and revel in the new breed’s lovely sound. customise your island with an oversized amount of decorating objects. obtain a lot of islands for more monsters and customize them. obtain decorating things like flowers and trees from the search for victimisation money.

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