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Photo Hunt Walkthrough – Step By Step Guide [Updated]

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If you’re looking for a guide then the Photo Hunt Walkthrough is perfect for you. Photo Hunt is such an interesting difference-finding video game. This game has enchanting features and outstanding gameplay. Photo Hunt is offered by Megatouch. It was officially released on March 14, 2009. You can see anything and listen to anything ostensibly with their gorgeous graphics and sound quality.

Photo Hunt Walkthrough

Here is the entire Photo Hunt Walkthrough.

First Steps – Farming Stats & Money

  1. Everything will be satisfied if you pay a duo of weeks of farming stats and Money> Money – Storehouse (every forenoon).
  2. Achieve enough cash to purchase everything unrestricted at the store (Pawnshop & Clothing store).
  3. Once you open the path> everything you can purchase there.
  4. Intelligence – Library (weekdays): Study or Prepare Literature.
  5. But don’t wear out your moment with Jennifer> her storyline includes lives submitted finally.
  6. Photography – Park (every day): Carry some images.
  7. Hacking – Digital Arts (weekdays – afternoon)> Carry some assignments (20$ each).
  8. Resilience: You will attain sufficient Strength> once you purchase everything from the Pawnshop.
  9. Slinking: You will attain adequate Slinking once you purchase everything from the Pawnshop.
  10. Charisma: You will attain Charisma once you purchase everything from the Pawnshop.

Photo Hunt Walkthrough – Lina

  1. Meet her in the classroom (evening – weekday) and finish off her 4 hoops of publications questions.
  2. If you keep ready literature in the library> you will understand all the valid replies, if you don’t.
  3. First Wrong, Wrong, Right, Wrong, Wrong> Second: W, W, R, R, R.
  4. Third: Count as accurate, W, R, R, W> Ask Jennifer (library evening) for help.
  5. Take images in the sunrise (park – needs 24 photography mastery)> Provide them to Jennifer the next evening.
  6. Fourth: R, R, W, R, R> Give it to Lina> Call upon the Headmistress’s office.
  7. Follow classes to earn the gym membership> Go to the gym tonight.
  8. Call upon the gym (afternoon)> Satisfy her in the school (Afternoon – Girls > Lina).
  9. Lina’s Finale> Visit her in the Gym (night) until you open her cottage.
  10. Go to her house on weekends (afternoon)> and open all the functional stages.

Photo Hunt Walkthrough – Fiona

  1. Meet Kevin in the Headmistress’s office and enable him with Bobby (Bathroom).
  2. Go to the toilet and chat about her with Adrian and Bobby.
  3. Inspection Fiona twice> Bring around her to let off you, you can.
  4. Play Squash with her, needs 19 Force> Photo Shooting: needs 31 Photography.
  5. Rub her: Buy the massage set in the pawnshop.
  6. Massage edict (needs 18 Int): Ribs, Buttocks, Hips, Feet & Neck (don’t touch belly).
  7. Open her dormitory: Cut down the computer (Teacher’s room – sunrise), then you can.
  8. Put in spy cameras: Buy them from Scott (Alley).
  9. Naked Man: Needs to chat with Tobias (Digital Arts) about Apologies.
  10. Flee a gift: Buy the phone from Scott (Alley)

Photo Hunt Walkthrough – Monica

  1. Call her (Headmistress’s office)>Enable Kevin in the toilet.
  2. Hang out with Kevin for at least 10 moments, until he is indicted of duplicity.
  3. then stop Monica (her headquarters in – The morning).
  4. And be detailed, because there are two various ways of being sure of your next intention.

Photo hunt walkthrough1

Monica Romance

  1. Select Keep her private> Hang out with Kevin until you open Monica’s house.
  2. Keep chilling with Kevin until she inquires of you to enable her with straightening up.
  3. Buy the summer clothes (clothes shop)> Chill with Kevin until the occasion when Monica is dozing (needs slinking 27).
  4. Bring 36 Monica love points, save hanging out with Kevin, and calling upon her (her house).
  5. Give her the night dress and invite her on a date.

Monica Blackmail

  1. Select Put my **** out.
  2. Just take pleasure in all the efforts

Photo Hunt Walkthrough – Rachel

  1. One time you keep at least $100 & 20 hacking, review what she is doing at home.
  2. Invite Adrian (school bathroom) to approximately Red Maiden.
  3. Get On to Red Maiden (Weekday morning)> Chat with Adrian and take off to the Alley, then purchase the mask.
  4. Go to the Red Maiden (Weekday morning) and enjoy all the various selections you have there.
  5. But explore all the available opportunities> because you require them to open the cafe.
  6. So utilize all the opportunities until you can select Let Her Go Home.
  7. Cafe: Buy her orange juice or chocolate bar, finish the gymnastics event> and help her.

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Photo Hunt Walkthrough – Evelyn

  1. Look for Evelyn at night> and also the next morning.
  2. Play other personality’s ways until you open your Evelyn’s workplace place.
  3. Go to her labor> the measuring agent (weekday afternoon) and select all the opportunities.
  4. Come together Evelyn at a residence on weekends evenings to fulfill Alice’s desire and tell Alice to carry you.
  5. Give Alice a phone (Alley) and have fun with all the side circumstances with her.
  6. You can have fun poker and ask her to pose for a photo session 3 times.
  7. Discussions with Evelyn at her employment and she will be a model.
  8. Deliver her clothes and open 3 photo sessions.

Photo Hunt Walkthrough – Jennifer

  1. Meet Jennifer> Library (evening)> Enhance your connection with her (study jointly).
  2. When Jen loves> 8 select Study> Invitation to the craft club: Meet Rose & chat with her about the Library.
  3. Then visit the art club (school – morning) and go there with Jennifer.
  4. Achieve jen love 25, then proceed to the library and study jointly.
  5. When Mr. Roberts occurs, take an image of Jennifer or Evelyn.
  6. After “Study jointly” get the scene (Jen & Fiona – playground).
  7. Inquire of Fiona to be there again> check Fiona’s message.

Photo Hunt

Photo Hunt is one of the most famous and fantastic difference-finding video games ever on the mobile platform. This game has extraordinary sound quality and graphics. If you love to play difference-finding video games then this game is for you. The administration and the other things of this game are also wonderful.

This game became very well-known in a very short period since its release. This game provides an impressive difference-finding gaming experience to its users. You can see anything and listen to anything ostensibly with their gorgeous graphics and sound quality. Many incredible difference-finding video games exist nowadays but Photo Hunt is the most exciting Difference Finding video game ever.

Hopefully, you will understand the complete Photo Hunt Walkthrough

Photo hunt walkthrough

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