Blair Witch Walkthrough

Blair Witch Walkthrough – Step By Step Guide

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If you’re looking for a guide then the Blair Witch Walkthrough is perfect for you. Blair Witch is such a competent survival horror action-adventure video game. This game has gorgeous features and marvelous gameplay. Blair Witch is offered by Bloober Team. It was officially released on August 30, 2019. . With their beautiful graphics and sound quality, you can catch a glimpse of anything and listen to anything.

Blair Witch Walkthrough

Here is the entire Blair Witch Walkthrough.

Chapter 1

  1. At the start of Blair Witch Chapter 1, you need to approach the police vehicle and look over the note.
  2. A walkie-talkie is present in the trunk> so check the trunk and open it to take the walkie-talkie>
  3. And find the other cars> and move toward the forest.
  4. A wooden doll on the wall when you exit the parking area> taking hold of its influence which ending you get.
  5. Past the entrance> obey the way and you may reach an entrance.
  6. Check the gate with string and suddenly a cutscene overseeing you into the game screen and chapter one ends.
  7. Congratulations! You’ve completed the Chapter 1 in Blair Witch Walkthrough.

Chapter 2

  1. It is the second chapter of Blair Witch> once you recover control of Ellis after he drops down the ledge into the laboriously wooden place.
  2. An open region comes> it is full of trees and coated with police tape.
  3. Call the sheriff and tell him that you enter the investigation.
  4. Go downside and stop to get a tutorial on using the bullet> After the tutorial keep going.
  5. See your phone and look over the text.
  6. Call her> After that keep moving and reach the puddles of water.
  7. Maintain your stare out of the stone formation with the entrance coated with weeds.
  8. Check into the weeds and find a thing buried> Power bullet to get back.
  9. Ellis recognizes it is the lost boy Peter’s hat> Bullet will oversee you into a lot of weed.
  10. Beginning surroundings where Ellis falls off a shelf and passes out presently.
  11. After walking up you are in the same weird grooves and Bullet is unavailable here.
  12. Roam around until Ellis’s flashbacks are fully bogart> After recovering the control bullet will lead you again.
  13. Finally getting you to deserted headquarters.
  14. Congratulations! You’ve completed Chapter 2 in Blair Witch Walkthrough.

Blair Witch Walkthrough

Chapter 3

  1. Chapter 3 of Blair Witch begins> Ellis wakes up from his flashback activated by taking the camcorder at the end of the last chapter.
  2. Startup by walking over to the exact stone as before and taking the camcorder again.
  3. This time you obtain it> and then the game instructs you about the tapes.
  4. Look at the tape titled> It is The Clue until you notice Peter.
  5. Go outside of the camcorder and watch the police car posing close to the fire pit.
  6. Take the toy car> Reveal it to the bullet> Bullet aviate after smell.
  7. Obey him> You can listen to static coming from a walkie-talkie.
  8. Go forward and you will find an effigy hanging from the trees.
  9. Take it and smash it> You will get the sufferer picture.
  10. Keep going downside> you will arrive at a ledge> lower down to move to the next region.
  11. Congratulations! You’ve completed the Chapter 3 in Blair Witch Walkthrough.

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Chapter 4

  1. Chapter 4 of Blair Witch begins> Ellis talks with Sheriff Lanning.
  2. After the chat, obey the way> and follow the bullet> yet you will reach a pond.
  3. Go right> You’ll see a ton of weeds> Power bullet to fetch.
  4. Friendly chat reveals a chat between the sheriff and a weird man.
  5. After viewing the tape, obey the way until reaching the pond.
  6. Discover two huge stones> Move on your way and you will arise another side.
  7. You’re in front of the white tree> On the right side you’ll see a way toward a smashed old car>
  8. And the other way toward a trench area> move to the trench area.
  9. The bullet will carry you a red tape titled.
  10. A tree falling here> Peter throws a ball on the floor.
  11. When you flee the camcorder views the ball on the floor in the canal area.
  12. Bullet sniffs the ball> Obey him> Now you can meet face to face with the first forest monster>
  13. Defeat the monster by shining the flash> go toward it and achieve a new region.
  14. See a tape> Go from under the tree and find a smashed bridge.
  15. Start a chat with Larunning and when the hat ends the monster comes again.
  16. Defeat him with a flashlight> Move toward the broken car.
  17. Try to get inside but the door is locked> Bullet brings the keys.
  18. Open The car and get inside the car> Open the hood.
  19. Check the better reconnect it.
  20. Now Check The fuse box under the steering> remove two fuses.
  21. Now a cutscene appears and chapter 4 ends.
  22. Congratulations! You’ve completed Chapter 4 in Blair Witch Walkthrough.

Blair Witch Walkthrough

Blair Witch

Blair Witch is one of the most famous and fantastic survival horror action-adventure video games ever on the console platform. This game has great sound quality and graphics. If you love to play survival horror action-adventure video games then this game is for you. The authority and the other fortes in this game are also remarkable.

This game became very famous in a very short period. This game furnishes an outstanding survival horror action-adventure gaming experience to its users. With their beautiful graphics and sound quality, you can catch a glimpse of anything and listen to anything. Many stunning survival horror action-adventure video games exist nowadays but Blair Witch is the most exciting survival horror action-adventure video game ever.

Hopefully, you will understand the complete Blair Witch Walkthrough

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