Citizen Sleeper Walkthrough

Citizen Sleeper Walkthrough – Step By Step Guide

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If you’re looking for a guide then the Citizen Sleeper Walkthrough is perfect for you. Citizen Sleeper is such an interesting adventure role-playing video game. This game has fascinating features and tremendous gameplay. Citizen Sleeper is offered by Jump Over The Age. It was officially released on May 5, 2022.

Citizen Sleeper Walkthrough

Here is the entire Citizen Sleeper Walkthrough.


  1. Hunted is the first part of Citizen Sleeper> After finishing the tutorial.
  2. Speak with your new owner> your mission is to repair your ebbing condition.
  3. Use up your effort dice> six is a good result> save it for action>
  4. Need these dice for analysis and for survival> visit different places.
  5. Your first stop is the market> open additional NPCs and areas.
  6. If your dice allows demand for paths> it opens two NPCs Sabine, a nonbinary slum medic, and Emphis, a road nutrition dealer.
  7. Helps you to stay alive> When you take a rest> you’ll see a clock stuffing in your house.
  8. Citizen Sleeper has one of these clocks> wanted to warn you that someone is chasing you>
  9. You dismiss it> it takes Sabine 3 days to base your stabilizer.
  10. Continue help> if you want power> but food and drinks from the bar.
  11. One Time you help Dragos he gives you more money.
  12. He again warns you that someone is chasing you> for your next employment.
  13. Go south> stuffing the clock to help you meet with Lem.
  14. He clarifies that few will tour Sidereal Horizon to a foreign globe.

Ethan’s Tab

  1. The next part of Citizen Sleeper is Ethan’s Tab> After clock filling day when you wake up.
  2. Ethan waits for you> Let him handcuff you> back to your employer, nonetheless, Ethan will rather select to let you stay on Ethan’s Eye.
  3. Delivered you restart to pay up his tab at the Kompressor Club.
  4. It is not best for you> Agree with him> Later four days.
  5. Pay Ethan’s tab> It is the best time to go to Unit assembly.
  6. Begin edifice> Three harmful effects will go wrong.
  7. Employ only stunning dice to stuff the clock> Lem waiting for you.
  8. Watch Mina> Lem returns> he’ll ask you to help> Babysit her.
  9. You’ll earn reasonable cyro> You’ll not end the game until the sidereal is finished.
  10. Going forward is your preference> want sixty cryo.
  11. Babysitting Lina will cram A ticket out clock> it also gives you reward and energy for good effect.
  12. You’ll need to pay> five and sixes sidereal> lem stake that he creates the team.
  13. So again start concentrating on Ethan> and also complete your sidereal.
  14. You’ll keep waiting for six revolutions for it to be changed positions to the Hub when it’s accomplished.
  15. Congratulations! You’ve completed Ethan’s Lab in Citizen Sleeper Walkthrough.

wCitizen Sleeper Walkthrough


  1. The next part of Citizen Sleeper is Maywick> it pertains to benefiting Ethan’s pay.
  2. Finishing the fee efforts from the last pursuit> and opening the remaining side pursuit.
  3. Stay until after the area is finished> when you go back to Ethan again.
  4. Decline to provide anything> The last employer keeps withdrawing the agreement.
  5. Taking off to stay for Erhan’s vendetta clock after cycles.
  6. Maywick coming for you> Surveillance for Lem and Mina close to Sidereal.
  7. Declare sincerely the champions of the Yank> It fails the drive.
  8. Even on the track to bring the cool finale> Lem fades for three days.
  9. You’ll finish the game once the major pursuit finishes.
  10. He’ll be watching for labor> See him> Now Finish assisting Ethan.
  11. Debt is vindicated> you’ll knock over> after chat> now focus on the endgame.
  12. Congratulations! You’ve completed Maywick in Citizen Sleeper Walkthrough.

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  1. The final part of Citizen Sleeper is the endgame.
  2. Freely analyze until finishing the game> It’s time to maintain your commitment to Lem and Mina>
  3. Carry the Ascender Car to the hub and stay in the sidereal dock.
  4. Fill A way board> Castor waiting for you with a contract.
  5. Lem and Mina onto the sidereal> The ship goes into lockdown.
  6. You can make many errors> and easily half of your time.
  7. Use good dice to bypass the questline> Ship found where you start.
  8. Now you have two choices> observe and find and bluff.
  9. Bypass anything> bar to observe and explore> when the clock is stuffed.
  10. Extract data>take your ids> give Lem’s id> after some day> go back to the hub.
  11. Unite Lem and Mina on the sidereal> and get a huge trip to an unfamiliar Planet.
  12. And it is the end of Citizen Sleeper.
  13. Congratulations! You’ve completed Endgame in Citizen Sleeper Walkthrough.

Citizen Sleeper Walkthrough

Citizen Sleeper

Citizen Sleeper is one of the most famous and fantastic adventure role-playing video games ever on the mobile platform. This game has extraordinary sound quality and graphics. If you love to play adventure role-playing video games then this game is for you. The authority and the other things of this game are also fabulous.

This game became very prominent in a very short period. This game delivers a remarkable adventure role-playing gaming experience to its users. You can catch anything and hear anything plainly with their stunning graphics and sound quality. Many incredible adventure role-playing video games that are existing nowadays but Citizen Sleeper is the most exciting adventure role-playing video game ever.

Hopefully, you will understand the complete Citizen Sleeper Walkthrough

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