Reap What You Solo Walkthrough.

Reap What You Solo Walkthrough – Complete Guide

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If you’re looking for a guide then the Reap What You Solo Walkthrough is perfect for you. It is part of the game. It is a little bit difficult. Reap What You Solo is the two-story task in LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga’s outbreak VII: The Squad Awakens. Reap What You Solo walkthrough teaches how to finish off each of its three Level tasks, assemble all five Minikits and attain True Jedi Rank to the mission.

Reap What You Solo Walkthrough

Here is the complete Reap What You Solo Walkthrough.

Starting Ordering

  1. Ordering starts from Rey, Finn, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and. The Bb-8H they have been divided into two portions of the ship.
  2. Your priority is to assemble studs.

Contest 1 Rathtar Ruse

  1. Start as Rey and Finn> go forward> link with grapple point.
  2. Open door> transition your viewpoint> go away> instantly seen on your right side.
  3. Find Scoundrel instantaneously> Send crate to Rey and Finn.
  4. Stimulate the box to its place> and join it to the conveyor strap.
  5. Start it> give the box back to the gang> go back to the party> press the button on the box.
  6. It opens the doors and removes the lockdown> Reya and Finn press the button to go to the next base.
  7. After turns> blow up on the floor> it blocks the way> you want to beat the blocking.
  8. It falls all types of rubble> finish and also finishes the contest.

Contest 2 Turret Takeover

  1. You drop in a gap> Obey these invent hallways to a room with furious beasts.
  2. Beat them> Find room for a crate> Unlock it to show buildable pieces.
  3. To earn a turret takeover> Take over the turret.
  4. Employ a buildable portion to make a chair attached to the turret in the chamber.
  5. Link with a chair to get custody> Begin Downing all the foes in the chamber to finish this contest.

Contest 3 The High Ground

  1. For earning High Ground> discover a way to vantage point.
  2. Change to Han’s party> Start from the door opening.
  3. Instantly see an astromech droid console in this hallway> link with it and unlock the way.
  4. Go to the ramps from the next gate> you’re on the terrace.
  5. Step onto the terrace to finish this contest.

Reap What You Solo Walkthrough.

Minikit 1

  1. Finish any opponent> Employ Han Solo and Chewbacca> Sprout the purple prompt.
  2. Open The way for Rey and Finn> to move back to Rey and Finn.
  3. Go from the now open door> tap the just powered switch.
  4. Unlock the astromech Droid console> come into the next room and unlock various containment crates.
  5. The bottom right one shows a crate moving> this is the one you’ll want.
  6. Begin bending again until the crate will be unlocked> Reveal your foremost Minikit.

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Minikit 2

  1. Bend the lever> Now place the vehicle so you can jump up.
  2. Then go down to the next chamber> some boxes are presented here for smashing.
  3. Go outside this room into another hallway>, at the end.
  4. You’ll come into a huge hangar> Millennium Falcon preserved here.
  5. Finish the enemies and discover the place> search for your secondMinikit.
  6. It was available in small packaging> so turn it into a small droid and signup into the crate and take your second Minikit.

Minikit 3

  1. Experience the second rathtar> before throwing down.
  2. See the silver door> convert to a stormtrooper> employ a grenade.
  3. Open the door> jump inside the gap> and take your third Minikit.

Reap What You Solo Walkthrough.

Minikit 4

  1. Come into the lower turret chamber> and deal with animals here> after that.
  2. See a crate with colored switches on it> forcing the button to transform the color.
  3. Enter code here to open the crate>
  4. The code> green, purple, yellow.
  5. Open the crate> another box present inside> transform into a bounty hunter and blast it.
  6. Now take your fourth Minikit.

Minikit 5

  1. Come inside the upper turret chamber> and deal with opponents> after that.
  2. Employ a scoundrel personality to push the crates.
  3. Now transform into a stormtrooper> a last box present.
  4. Blow it with a grenade to get your last Minikit.
  5. Congratulations! You’ve completed Endgame in Reap What You Solo Walkthrough.

Hopefully, you will understand the complete Reap What You Solo Walkthrough

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