The Legacy 3 Walkthrough

The Legacy 3 Walkthrough – Best Step by Step Guide

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The Legacy 3 Walkthrough is one of the most popular adventure puzzle games ever on the mobile phone platform. This game is for those people who are interested in playing adventure puzzle games. The features and gameplay of this game are awesome. The graphics and sound quality are also nice. In this game, you can find many other hidden objects.

Introduction – The Legacy 3 Walkthrough

The Legacy 3  is offered by FIVE-BN GAMES. This amazing game successfully hit 1M + downloads on the Google play store. It was released on June 10, 2019, and became a very famous puzzle adventure game. Many puzzle adventure games are occurring nowadays but The legacy 3 is such a brilliant game ever. There are also many different mini-game present in this game that you can play and earn rewards. You can find many different mysteries in this game and have a lot of fun. There are also many different locations in this game where you can explore and find new things.

Game Info – The Legacy 3 Walkthrough

Game Name The Legacy 3
Released On June 10, 2018
Updated On June 17, 2022
Downloads 1,000,000+ Downloads
Ratings 4.7
Platform Android
Size 738 Megabytes (738 MB)
Category Puzzle-Adventure
Root No Required

The legacy 3 Walkthrough

  • A patient would have to go through the subsequent phases to repair their injury look.
  • Carry substantial councils and girl figurines > Carry another 2 girl figurines > Walk down.
  • Could you turn it on at the lid? Sack you pick up the thing and keep it.
  • Let go, you pick up the following item and hold it.
  • Recount until you keep achieving the fate of the way.
  • Chat with the performer to provide them with something to accomplish or chat with them about what they’re glimpsing.
  • Allow the performer to understand where to set items.
  • If there are things that the performer can’t attain, advise the performer to set their indicators on that thing or employ an instrument.
  • Bring rope with a grappling buckle and even employ it.
  • Grab flagging videos and again deer authorizations and stay Lakeside.


Chapter 1: The Virus

  • You would guess that grabbing a chunk of timber and slashing it into an actual thinner chunk (D) would be comfortable.
  • It is just until you reach the end of extracting the gate (B) that you recognize there is a bunch of complexity implicated.
  • The exact can be told for wound administration.
  • The Unroll BANDAGE manipulates ANTISEPTIC BANDAGE to use in an injury, which contains the subsequent phases:
  • Obtain KNIFE. Carry BROKEN GLASSES (F). Grab SOLID BOARDS 1/2 (G). Move (H). Employ KNIFE; seize SOLID BOARDS 2/2 and GIRL FIGURINE 1/4 behind it (I). Catch GIRL FIGURINE 2/2 (J).
  • Bring GIRL FIGURINE 3/3 (K) and move down Place SOLID BOARDS (M) and carry STONE BALL (N)

Spot STONE BALL (O). Haul RUBY (P). Grab RUBY (Q). Carry manuscript; seize GIRL FIGURINE 4/4 (R).

Chapter 2: The Dragon Palace

  • This penalty includes the exact term three times.
  • It’s tough to know what’s living told here.
  • Gear: This is a bag.
  • Blade: This is a blade. Shelter: This is a shelter. Authorization: This is authorization.
  • The greatly important ingredient of the game is its clarity: you must have to discover the ruby funnel.
  • There are various paths to accomplish this.
  • You can utilize your pickaxe to grab a rare piece out of the stone.
  • Or you can slash a gap in it with your shovel.
  • Eagle lumber (U) 3-4-2-5-3-4-2-1-3-5, spot OPAL HORN (W).
  • Answer (V).
  • Try to the Main Hall of the Dragon Palace. Spot EMERALD HORN (Y).
  • Locate RUBY HORN (A).
  • Spot OPAL HORN (B).
  • Bring manuscript and PARTS OF GOLDEN DISC 2/2 (C).

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Chapter 3: The Tablet of Knowledge

  • Accept RUNIC STONES 1/3 with KNIFE (P) and BRANCH. Push ROCKS.
  • Runic Stones is an outstanding instrument for developing and reworking glyphs.
  • As we’ve demonstrated to you how to develop fresh glyphs in this tutorial, currently we’re proceeding to indicate to you how to revise living glyphs.
  • To unlock a glyph in Runic Stones, tap on the character. To change the positions of a glyph, tap, and yawn.
  • Put up the METAL ROD, STRAP OF CLOTH, and KNIFE from the above portrayal (with red lines), and then put in a new cord by communing the Add Line button and assigning New Line. You will catch that it will veer around into a needle if you attract a line on a unique line.
  • Grab a couple of narrow twigs, approximately 4 inches lengthy.
  • Employ a knife to slash a rut in one of them, about the width of a dime.
  • Then operate a metal shaft through the average of the twigs to construct a “U” outline. This will enable us to hold the twigs jointly.

Legacy 3 Walkthrough FAQ

1. What is Legacy 3? Legacy 3 is a challenging puzzle game that is part of the Legacy puzzle series. Set in a mysterious ancient temple, players must solve a variety of puzzles, decipher codes, and uncover hidden mechanisms to progress through the game and unravel its secrets.

2. How do I start playing Legacy 3? To start playing Legacy 3, download the game from the app store on your mobile device or tablet. Once installed, open the game, and you’ll be introduced to the basic mechanics through an initial set of puzzles that serve as a tutorial.

3. Is Legacy 3 suitable for puzzle game beginners? Yes, Legacy 3 is designed to accommodate players with different levels of experience with puzzle games. The early puzzles serve as a tutorial to ease players into the game’s mechanics. However, the difficulty ramps up as you progress, providing a challenge even for seasoned puzzle enthusiasts.

4. What should I do if I get stuck on a puzzle in Legacy 3? If you find yourself stuck on a puzzle in Legacy 3, take a step back and reassess the elements involved. Often, the solution involves noticing patterns or details you may have overlooked. If you’re still stuck, our walkthrough can provide hints or step-by-step solutions to help you move forward.

5. Can I skip puzzles in Legacy 3? Legacy 3 typically requires players to complete puzzles to progress through the game. There isn’t a skip feature for puzzles, as solving them is integral to the game’s experience and narrative progression.

6. Are there any hidden items or secrets in Legacy 3? Yes, Legacy 3 contains hidden items and secrets that can provide additional context to the story or assist in solving puzzles. Keep an eye out for subtle clues and explore every corner of the game’s environment for potential hidden objects.

7. How do I solve puzzles that involve codes or symbols in Legacy 3? Puzzles involving codes or symbols in Legacy 3 often require you to find clues within the environment or decipher patterns. Pay close attention to the surroundings and any items you’ve collected that might contain hints. Writing down observations can also be helpful in solving these puzzles.

**8. What do I do if I find an item or mechanism that I can’t use yet? In Legacy 3, you might encounter items or mechanisms early on that you can’t use immediately. Usually, this means you’ll need to explore more to find the missing pieces or unlock the knowledge required to use them. Keep track of these locations, as you’ll likely need to return later.

9. How long does it take to complete Legacy 3? The time to complete Legacy 3 varies depending on how quickly you solve the puzzles and whether you’re seeking to uncover all secrets and items. On average, players might spend anywhere from a few hours to several days to fully complete the game.

10. Is there a particular order I should follow to solve the puzzles in Legacy 3? While some puzzles in Legacy 3 can be tackled in various orders, others are linear and require solving previous puzzles to unlock new areas or items. If you’re unsure of where to go next, reviewing the puzzles you’ve encountered and the items you’ve collected can provide guidance on your next steps. Our walkthrough can also help you navigate through the puzzles in an efficient order.

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