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Innocent Witches Walkthrough – Complete Guide

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This is a complete Guide of Innocent Witches walkthrough game. Hopefully, you will understand it.

Chapter 1 – Innocent Witches Walkthrough

Desk > write any command
Bookshelf > Shelf with papers > Letter handled to Dumbledore
Snape discussions > any choice
Summon Minerva unofficially > dialogue: any options
Cabinet > investigation
Pull the canvas from the cabinet to the catalogue
Desk > Buckingham’s Bottled Brews
Clock > gift packet badge > begin again
Backpack (downward right corner)
Lit the fireplace and pulled the canvas and drink from the catalogue on it
Sally’s conversation > Any choices

Chapter 2 – Innocent Witches Walkthrough

Minerva’s dialogue > Any choices
Main hall (map)
Class 609 gates
Girls’ discussion > Any choices
Carry the drink from the cabinet to the inventory
Sip all 4 alcohol bottles and ethanol > Dialogues > Any choice
Snape’s contest > Any spells
Sorting Hat’s discussion > Any choices

Chapter 3 – Innocent Witches Walkthrough

Desk > parade 4 stats to grade 1
Carry the statue from the cabinet to the inventory
Spot the statue on the desk > solve the mystery
Girls’ discussion > Any choices
Meet Snape in darkness (skip time)
Snape’s discussion > Any choices

Chapter 4 – Innocent Witches Walkthrough

Select Waifu > desk > read documents
Leave the office
Convene Snape unofficially > talk with prefect’s documents, fellowship, and alternative departure
Shut the curtains off > carry the image from inventory on the desk to meet Helena
Carry the phantom tonic from inventory on the window
Front opening
Peel off the document from the noticeboard
Get waifu’s homily
Give some nuts to the phoenix
Stay for Hermione’s comes > click on her > interrupted
Convene waifu officially > to talk with cottage support, private papers, and prefects’ conference

Sally: Discuss the academy issue
Desk > read the waifu’s documents
10 am bookshelf > IMVOIS codex
Look over waifu’s documents too
Convene waifu officially > talk with private documents > Summon Snape unofficially > talk about a new position > Summon waifu officially > talk about confidential documents
Later a few days, she will see> your preferences
Monday: get the earnings
Carry the broom on the window
Vacant wing

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Lift’s door > mad cat > packet of the cat food > Carry the can from inventory on the kitten
Lift’s door > question him to resolve your broom > Hold until you bring the repaired broom
Sally: a conversation about the area of the perfect conference > select the strategy
Work from the shadows
22:00 > provide an assignment to Sally
Summon Waifu officially > prefect conferences
Sally: problems with conferences
Summon Helena unofficially > and tell her to spy
Later 2 days summon Helena > spying declaration
Sally: troubles with conferences
Summon Minerva unofficially > apologize > invite her to liquor up > tell about prefect sessions
Gather Minerva officially > and accompany them to the waifu’s dorm
Robe hanging between mattress and mirror
22:00 glide to the bathroom (broom)
Sally: solution to the meetings

Take girls’ favoured swimsuits (dorms) appealing to Minerva to look after
Provide x4 swimsuits to sort hat
Sorting hat > assistance > tell for a swimsuit
Duplicate Hermione’s swimsuit for the further 3 girls
Spot the new arrangements in their dorms (ropes)
Later a few days, the girls will look in on you (delay for that)
Summon Luna, Susan, and Daphne on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday > tell them to reveal the girl’s swimsuits
Convene them on Sunday > ask again
Sally: the trouble with the seminars
Convene Snape unofficially: recent laws > another round x5 times > try prevailing upon him again
Convene any girl officially > chat with her
Later a few days, the girls will come over to you
Pensieve in Innocent Witches Walkthrough

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Chapter 5 – Innocent Witches Walkthrough

Put up stats to the max
Open stats tab > purchase “influence” skill
Convene the girls officially > discuss with them
Saturday: and gather them unofficially > Tell Hermione to spy on the vacant attachment
Workday 10:00: go to the significant hall
Click on all of the girls
Saturday > convene them unofficially
Convene Snape unofficially > commissars > Gather the girls unofficially > their tasks > Summon Snape unofficially > commissars furthermore
Write a note to the committee > stay for a reaction
Convene Snape unofficially > pastorate and alternative departure
Manipulate ghoul tonic at 22:00 > main gate
Catalogue noticeboard
Convene Hermione officially > what she found
Pull the black potions journal from the desk
Sally: hard selection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Innocent Witches Walkthrough

1. What is “Innocent Witches”?

“Innocent Witches” is an adult visual novel that takes inspiration from the Harry Potter universe, offering a unique and mature twist on the familiar magical world. Players navigate through the story, making choices that affect character interactions and the overall narrative direction.

2. Can I find a complete walkthrough for “Innocent Witches”?

Yes, complete walkthroughs for “Innocent Witches” are available. These guides offer detailed instructions for progressing through the game, including how to make specific choices that lead to various story paths and outcomes.

3. Are there multiple endings in “Innocent Witches”?

Yes, “Innocent Witches” features multiple endings, which are determined by the decisions you make throughout the game. Each choice can lead to different interactions and conclusions, providing a rich array of narrative possibilities.

4. How important are player choices in “Innocent Witches”?

Player choices are crucial in “Innocent Witches,” as they directly influence character development, relationships, and how the story unfolds. The game emphasizes the impact of your decisions, making each playthrough unique.

5. Is “Innocent Witches” suitable for all players?

No, “Innocent Witches” is designed for an adult audience, featuring mature themes and content. It’s intended for players who are of legal age in their respective countries.

6. How can I optimize my gameplay in “Innocent Witches”?

To optimize your gameplay, consider using a walkthrough to explore different narrative branches and endings. Being mindful of your choices and their potential impacts can help you uncover all the secrets and content the game has to offer.

7. Where can I access “Innocent Witches” walkthroughs?

Walkthroughs for “Innocent Witches” can be found on various online platforms, including gaming forums, websites dedicated to visual novels, and YouTube. These resources can provide valuable insights and strategies for navigating the game.

8. Can I contribute to an “Innocent Witches” walkthrough?

Yes, contributions to “Innocent Witches” walkthroughs are often appreciated by the gaming community. If you’ve discovered alternate paths or secrets not covered in existing guides, sharing your findings can enhance the walkthroughs and aid other players.

9. How frequently are “Innocent Witches” walkthroughs updated?

The frequency of updates for “Innocent Witches” walkthroughs depends on game updates, discoveries by the player community, and contributions from players. It’s a good idea to check for the most recent version of a walkthrough to ensure it includes the latest game content.

10. What should I do if I’m stuck in “Innocent Witches” even with a walkthrough?

If you’re stuck, try revisiting the walkthrough to ensure you haven’t missed any steps or choices. Sometimes, replaying a portion of the game with different decisions can provide new insights. If challenges persist, seeking advice from the “Innocent Witches” player community through forums or social media groups may offer additional help.

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