Soul Reaver Walkthrough – Step By Step Guide

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If you’re looking for a guide then Soul Reaver Walkthrough is best for you. Soul Reaver is the most gorgeous action-adventure game ever. This game has sensational characteristics and uncommon gameplay. The gaming occasion of this game was lovely. It is the most awesome action-adventure game ever. The gameplay of Soul Reaver is a little bit tricky and fully loaded with action. The Soul Reaver game is completely solved in this amazing walkthrough. Soul Reaver is offered by Crystal Dynamics.


Soul Reaver Walkthrough

Here is the complete Soul Reaver Walkthrough.


  1. At the start of the game, you’ll understand the contrasts between material words and spectra.
  2. You can’t die in Soul Reaver> this is the underworld.
  3. The portals are the way to move in the game in a fast fashion.
  4. Identical to the bat beacon of blood omen> the first portal opens a path to go back at any time.
  5. This is not depicted by a symbol.

Soul Reaver Walkthrough

Off to Raziel’s stomping grounds

  1. After that, you need to go toward the old stomping grounds of Raziel.
  2. The game hints to you where you go next> along the way you will go from a huge cathedral.
  3. It looks like a castle> you’ll take your foremost weapon from the walls of the cathedral.
  4. Accepting that you’re on the top of the pillar across the bridge.
  5. Find your path> Employ a high jump along with Raziel’s hovering power.
  6. Trick yourself>This will oversee you to Raziel’s clan region.
  7. One time you get inside the cave> and move forward until you reach a wide region of the castle.
  8. Here you need to play a first game> Finish this first puzzle.
  9. Now you need to select your way> You’ll see two doors> You need to explore them both.
  10. Get inside the portal one> Enable the portal> Now save your game too.
  11. Now go to the simple door> From this door you can start your mission again.
  12. Now you can reach a metal gate> Go inside the metal gate you’ll find a bat.
  13. Begin again on your way, go right from the metal gate, and move on.
  14. You’ll reach near a pillar> some enemies are present here to argue.

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Top Pillar

  1. In Soul Reaver Walkthrough> Now you are on the top of the pillar
  2. You’ll see a knob in the center of the room.
  3. A switch present on the wall> converts the switch> to a new way open.
  4. Go toward the new way> go from the stairs it will take you to the stunning views of the game.
  5. You’re too high> A cut scene appears that clues you into your new action.
  6. Go down again from this archway> take the gloves.
  7. Two zombies like a vampire itching to ship you back.
  8. Go from the gate where you get down from the wall.
  9. After passing from the gate, kill your enemy and climb the cliff ahead.
  10. You’ll See the introduction to the Malchia clan> Keep moving from the graveyard.
  11. You’ll see a vampire here> If you have a weapon then no worries.
  12. Now jump up to the right and go inside the tall cave.
  13. You’ll get a huge box> do your thing and move this object to another side of the chamber.
  14. Block authorizes you to jump to the ridge above> now you’ll see a cutscene.
  15. After that keep going and enter a room> Kill two zombie vampires here.
  16. Now search for a metal door to the left of the sunlight.
  17. Go inside this door and go down and follow the way.
  18. You’ll reach a wrapping room> Activate The wrap and move on.
  19. Go upstairs> exit this door and you’ll be very close to finding Malchia.
  20. See 2 large pillars> jump from pillar to pillar.
  21. Now you reach the other side of the late> fight with the young vampire and you win.
  22. Congratulations! You’ve completed Soul Reaver Walkthrough.

Hopefully, you have understood the complete Soul Reaver Walkthrough

Soul Reaver Walkthrough

Soul Reaver

Soul Reaver is one of the most popular action-adventure video games ever on the console platform. If you adore playing action-adventure games then this game is for you. The interface and the other specialties of this game are impressive. It is the most thrilling and tricky action and adventure game ever. Soul Reaver is all about action.

Soul Reaver came to be a very remarkable action-adventure video game in a very short duration of time. Soul Reaver provides a terrific action-adventure gaming experience for its users. This game gives us thrilling action adventure and a huge graphic gaming experience at an identical time. The quality of this game was so accurate. Many action adventure video games exist nowadays but Soul Reaver is the most fascinating video game ever. Have fun while playing the fabulous gaming occasion of Soul Reaver.

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