Mission Atlantis Walkthrough

Mission Atlantis Walkthrough – Step By Step Guide

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If you’re looking for a guide then Mission Atlantis Walkthrough is best for you. Mission Atlantis is the mission of the very popular game Poptropica. Poptropica is the most stunning role-playing game ever. This game has sensationalist factors and unique gameplay. The gaming experience of this game was attractive. It is a child’s game. Mission Atlantis is such a tricky and stunning mission ever. The main mission of Poptropica Mission Atlantis is solved in this walkthrough. Poptropica is offered by the Jeff Kinney Group.

Mission Atlantis Walkthrough

Here is the complete Mission Atlantis Walkthrough.

Main Mission

  1. When the mission starts> you’ll get the creature files of Sea>
  2. Choose the thing from the inventory and investigate it.
  3. You’ll receive notes of five fish types> who provide you the file and also the men mentioned in it.
  4. Now go toward the right and discover a sailor> jump straight up and reach the roof.
  5. Here you’ll get a sailor> to question him that the key he is keeping is to sub.
  6. He replies it is> but he can’t lose it> jump up> and moves toward the lowest place.
  7. You’ll get an empty bucket> throw some levels> and you’ll see an octopus.
  8. Fill the bucket with its ink and go back to the deck> jump up> you’ll see a bucket.
  9. Employ it from Inventory> pour ink to the fellow> he drops the key> carry the key.
  10. Now tap on the lock and unlock a crate> now tap on the sub and get inside.
  11. Now you’re under the water> Now move down and search for a sea dragon.
  12. It is the one from the 5 types of fish> you’ll find it in the starting.
  13. Now you need to find the 4 more> go deep into the water> go to the upper left side.
  14. You’ll find a volcano of clay> also see jet bubbles> and go left.
  15. Obey the way and you’ll find a geyser> it sends the fish upside.
  16. Take a picture and start the record> Now go to the upper left side> go from a space.
  17. Go instantly left> and go down> move to the latter choice.
  18. As you go you’ll get that fish> go back up and see a red fish> go right and avoid everything.
  19. Take some fish and go back to the 2nd fish and move back right from there.
  20. Now search for the fourth fish> go back> go back to the right and then the upper right part.

Mission Atlantis Walkthrough

  1. Search a chamber with a ton of purple coral> two cuttlefish swim here.
  2. Your target is purple fish> get tricky and capture it> go toward the south.
  3. You’ll get the stone fish> now you listen to the sound of dislodging.
  4. Go right then click on the photo of fish> now put stone fish in your records.
  5. Now you need to look after the cuttlefish> if you want to win here> herd type redfish.
  6. It lives in coral mends> cutoff getaway ways> then purple fish go up to the top right side.
  7. Now take its photo and put it inside your records.
  8. Now you’ll search all the five fishes> your next mission is to medusa fish.
  9. It swims in the lower right side> obey it> you’ll see a fish on your right.
  10. Tap on it and start filming> it triggers a series of events that discovers your sub harmed under the black water.
  11. Oversee toward the right as you float in that direction.
  12. You’ll finally complete the Mission Atlantis> You’ll receive 150 credits.
  13. Congratulations! You’ve completed Mission Atlantis Walkthrough.

Hopefully, you have understood the complete Mission Atlantis Walkthrough

Mission Atlantis Walkthrough

Poptropica – Mission Atlantis

Mission Atlantis is part of the game Poptropica. Poptropica is one of the most popular role-playing video games ever on the console platform. If you adore playing role-playing games then this game is for you. The interface and the other things in this game are outstanding. It is a childish game. This game is all about fish.

This game came to be a very outstanding role-playing video game in a very short duration of time. This game furnishes a terrific visual novel gaming experience for its users. This game gives us thrilling role-playing and a gigantic graphic gaming experience at a similar time. The quality of this game was so valid. Many role-playing video games exist nowadays but Poptropica is the most charming video game ever. Have fun while playing the fabulous gaming occasion of Poptropica Mission Atlantis.

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