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The Eyes Of Ara Walkthrough – Complete Guide [UPDATED]

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If you’re looking for a guide then Eyes Of Ara Walkthrough is perfect for you. The Eyes of Ara is a popular adventure puzzle game initially released on PC and iOS offered by 100 Stones Interactive. This game gained so much popularity since its release in 2016 and now it can be played on Android, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. This game revolves around a mysterious castle where you are an archaeologist tasked with uncovering the secrets and solving the puzzles hidden within its walls.

To advance through the numerous compartments and rooms of the castle, players must solve puzzles by manipulating items, decrypting codes, and uncovering concealed areas. Eyes of Ara showcases an outstanding aesthetic design with elaborate settings and complex riddles, providing a tough and captivating gaming encounter. Its challenging puzzles, immersive environment, and captivating narrative have garnered positive feedback.

The Eyes of Ara Walkthrough

Here is a complete The Eyes of Ara Walkthrough

Chapter 1 – The Beginning

  1. Start The Eyes of Ara game and observe the initial cinematic.
  2. You play as an archaeologist, who has been hired to investigate the secrets of an old, abandoned castle.
  3. Upon arriving at the castle, take a moment to look around and explore the environment.
  4. Turn to your left> and unlock the door of the wardrobe.
  5. Unlock the door to the right by using the key.
  6. Go inside the room> and locate a screwdriver, pliers, and a book.
  7. Using a screwdriver, take out the wall plate and utilize pliers to sever the wires.
  8. Stare down on the ground> it was a huge map> spot the centerpiece and then revolve all the rings.
  9. Now grab the subway token> and exit the room> suddenly the painting is shuddering.
  10. Some strange shining sphere will fly on you> move back downstairs> and spot the token.
  11. Move in the new room> two buttons available in this room.
  12. Tap both of them and grab the token> you can also find three coins on the shelf.
  13. Unlock the closet and take the lever part> Look over the note.
  14. See behind for a yellow sphere> Exit the room and spot the token in the middle.
  15. Another door opens> Go inside the room and take the photo from the shelf.
  16. See again on the shelf for the clue> See the box present on the table.
  17. The exact characters from the part of the paper are on there.
  18. The hint notifies you where each character doesn’t go.
  19. So you can conclude where each one gets on through the procedure.
  20. Or just spoof my answer below
  21. It proceeds moon to the left, the meteor at the lid, the sun to the right, and the loop on the underside.
  22. Grab the lever piece from inside> joining both parts of the lever to create a lever.
  23. Illuminate the space.
  24. Unlock the chest to discover a journal.
  25. Continue reading to discover information regarding the fortress and the individuals inhabiting it.
  26. Examine the memo placed on the table to find a hint towards the enigma in the adjacent chamber.
  27. To disclose a crystal stored in a concealed compartment, pull the handle.
  28. Retrieve the crystal> Make your way back to the hall.
  29. Utilize it to unlock the door situated on the right-hand side and proceed to access the library area.

Chapter 2 – Solving the First Puzzle

  1. Your first puzzle involves a locked door
  2. Find a hidden panel located on the wall to the left of the door.in the room
  3. Click on it to reveal a keypad.
  4. Enter the given code to unlock.
  5. The code is hidden in a book on the table to the right of the door.
  6. Open the book>read the highlighted passage to find the code.
    1. Enter the code into the keypad to unlock the door> and progress to the next room.

Chapter 3 – The Secret Room

  1. In the next room>find a locked door and a strange mechanism on the wall
  2. Solve the puzzle.
  3. Open the door.
  4. Inspect the mechanism on the wall
  5. Notice the colored symbols
  6. Take note of the colors and symbols.
  7. Look around the room for clues.
  8. Take a look at the book on the table with a drawing of the mechanism and instructions on how to solve the puzzle.
  9. Use the book to figure out the correct sequence of colors and symbols for the puzzle
  10. The correct sequence is a blue circle, green square, and red triangle.
  11. Enter the correct sequence into the mechanism>open the door to the secret room.

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Chapter 4 The Hidden Staircase

  1. Go to a secret room
  2. Find a locked chest and a hidden staircase.
  3. Solve the puzzle to access the staircase.
  4. Inspect the chest.
  5. Notice the symbols on the lock
  6. Take note of the symbols.
  7. Look around the room for clues.
  8. Again, take a look at the book on the table with a drawing of the symbols and instructions on how to solve the puzzle.
  9. Use the book to figure out the correct sequence of symbols for the puzzle.
  10. The correct sequence is heart, diamond, and spade.
  11. Enter the correct sequence into the lock
  12. Open the chest
  13. Reveal the hidden staircase.

eyes of ara walkthrough

Chapter 5 – The Tower Puzzle

  1. Climb up to the highest point of the stairs.
  2. Discover a structure containing a challenging enigma.
  3. To move on to the next zone, resolve the enigma.
  4. Search the area for any indications or hints.
  5. The puzzle can be solved with the aid of some books and written records.
  6. It will be necessary to experiment and make mistakes to discover the appropriate combinations of gears.
  7. Search for concealed buttons located across the tower that can unlock clandestine compartments containing valuable treasures and hints.
  8. Continuously adjust the gears and activate the buttons until the ball successfully makes it to the final point of the tower.
  9. Please unlock the entrance to the following section.

The puzzle involves manipulating gears to create a path for a ball to roll to the end of the tower.

Chapter 6 – Eyes Of Ara Walkthrough

  1. Once you’ve made your way into the observatory.
  2. Take some time to examine the surroundings
  3. Collect any objects that catch your eye, such as the diary resting on the desktop.
  4. Examine the message on the notice board as it contains a hint to solve the mystery within the room.
  5. Utilize the wall lever to unveil a concealed section containing a magnifying device.
  6. Use the telescope to peer into space
  7. Align the lenses to concentrate on the appropriate pattern of stars.
  8. Determine the appropriate arrangement by taking hints from the notice board.
  9. If the star formation is accurately identified, the telescope will uncover a secret compartment containing a crystal.
  10. Retrieve the crystal and return it to the main foyer.
  11. Utilize it for gaining access to the central door
  12. This provides an entry to the concluding section of the game.

eyes of ara walkthrough

Chapter 7 – Final Chapter

  1. Go through the entrance hall’s middle door with the last crystal you acquired from the observatory.
  2. Examine the last chamber and gather any objects you come across, such as the diary placed on the table.
  3. Gather hints about the ultimate puzzle by examining the notes posted on the walls and desk.
  4. Crack the ultimate riddle by matching the symbols on the wall with the symbols on the memo.
  5. The hidden compartment can be accessed using this.
  6. Access the concealed area and activate the lever to Complete “The Eyes Of Ara Walkthrough

Hopefully, you will understand the complete The Eyes of Ara Walkthrough

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Eyes Of Ara

This game “Eyes Of Ara” became exceptionally famous in a very short period. This game provides a fabulous puzzle adventure and indie gaming experience to its users. You can glimpse and listen to anything clearly with their adorable graphics and sound quality. Many stunning puzzle adventures, and indie games that are existing nowadays but Eyes of Ara are such an exciting puzzle adventure and indie game ever.

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