Esper 2 Walkthrough – Step by Step Guide

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Esper 2 Walkthrough – Step-by-Step Guide.

Esper 2 is one of the most popular and exciting puzzle-solving game ever on the Samsung gear VR. In this game, you can solve many different puzzles. Esper 2 is a game about employing telekinetic energies to unravel mysteries. Making again your position from the last game, assume your unique employment as a dealer of ESPR, an association set up to trade with an explosion of telekinetic abilities among inhabitants. 

Esper 2 is offered by Coatsink. It was released on December 10, 2015, and became a very famous and interesting game. The gameplay and features of this game were awesome. The sound quality and graphics of this game were also outstanding. Many different types of puzzle games are occurring nowadays but Esper 2 is one of the most wonderful game ever. So what are you waiting for download this game now and enjoy its realistic gaming experience?

  1. Esper List

  2. Bonus Stats Comparison

  3. Resistance Comparison

  4. Physical Killers

  5. Magic Killers

  6. Evocations

  7. Esper Experience Chart

Espers are available in this game as a unit-enhancing feature and traditional summoning ability. The siren can be unlocked early in the story as part of the story. Espers are obtained by defeating other espers in dungeons. You can obtain bonuses from an esper by equipping it to a unit found in the units menu below the units. Each Esper is associated with a specific unit. The unit gains stats according to the Esper’s level and any skills it has learned. However, each Esper may have different stats, depending on the Esper and the unit’s stats.

You have three rings of skills that increase with your level. The first one contains nodes costing 5 Skill Points near the center, then increasing to 10.
This is the most advanced level. It contains mainly nodes costing between 120 and 160 SP. If you get your Esper up to this level, not all nodes will be obtainable.
You can raise Esper’s power by getting a hold of Esper’s ores. An esper’s SP increases to 100% when you equip the Esper with a red esper ore. Leveling up esper ores will increase your Esper’s SP by 300%.

After leveling up to the maximum level, you can fight their stronger version in the same dungeon you fought them previously. Defeating them will evolve the Esper to the next rarity tier. They’ll expand their skill tree and reset their level back to 1.
Once you’ve purchased the Skill Reset, you’ll need to wait for it to reset for the first time. After that, you can use it as often as you want without spending any SP.
Afterward, the extra resets are 100 laps.

Table of Contents – Esper 2 Walkthrough

Gameplay Items Level progression. Items. Level progression. Walkthrough. Brick Village. Giant House. Light Meadow. Crystal Castle. Marsh Ruins. Chess Colony.
W1: Forest House W2: River Water W3: Stone Cave W4: Dark Canyon W5:

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Esper 2 Walkthrough


I’ve played this game all day on my DS, and I haven’t stopped yet. It’s so addictive. This game reminds me of another Japanese RPG from the 90s, Legend of Mana.
This was the first in a series of RPGs that would feature sword and magic motifs and have more of an adult feel. Esper Dream takes place in a fairy tale world where you play as a young boy with ESP talents who wields a gun.
The world has become visible, allowing the player to view the world from an enclosed location. They encounter other roaming and stationary players, and they fight using guns to eliminate their opponents.
In traditional RPG elements, you collect experience and money, increase hit points and magic using skills and items, and upgrade your equipment from towns.
1. Game developers Konami released the game as an i-application for cellular phone use as part of the “Konami masterpiece series” on February 1,
2. The same year, it was made available for download in Japan as part of the Wii Virtual Console in October
In February 2003, a Mute hacker translated the game’s Japanese text into English, making it playable for English speakers. You can read this story here. Q: How to know whether the first bit is 0 or 1 in an array of bytes?
Esper Dream’s title screen. Esper Dream’s title screen.

What should I do at the start in Dislyte?

What should I do in the beginner’s tutorial at the start of Dislyte? You’ll focus on getting Mona, a free hero, to level 60 as fast as possible.
She is the best starter Esper (hero) with insane DPS and AoE damage. She will help you a lot in all aspects of the game. During the first seven days of the game, players receive double EXP earnings, and you should make the most of it.
You want to focus on Mona because she can clear out the enemy waves very quickly, so you’ll be able to level up your other heroes and Espers with ease. Espers are the 3-star or bad 4-star Espers you want to sacrifice to improve your other Espers.
For example, the Mona hero has been upgraded from a 4-star hero to a 5-star one. The hero now has a max level of 50, and it requires you to sacrifice four 4-star heroes. To learn more about hero upgrades, read our Esper Growth Guide.
Upgrade your relics slowly but don’t spend a lot of resources on them. You generally want to upgrade your relics to +6 until you get the Hades Una (Lifesteal Set) by completing Story Chapter 6, then equip it and the Sword Avatara (Counterattack Set) on Mona and upgrade them to level 12.

How to spend Nexus Crystal?

How to spend Nexus Crystal? Nexus Crystal, or Gems, can be used to purchase Gold Record, Stamina, Admission Certificates, and Gold. It’s recommended to spend Nexus Crystal during the early stages of the game to acquire Gold Record.

This is because you don’t have a lot of fodders to level up and also want to play with your luck, to obtain some of the best Espers in the game.

If you are lucky enough to get a 5-star Legendary Esper, your gameplay process will become much easier. After that, you should farm for relics and level up your heroes for different game modes.

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Others – Esper 2 Walkthrough

I don’t want to share my secrets right now, but you probably know my plan if you’re reading this. You’ll get your hands on all of my 5-star heroes shortly. They are great right now.
I recommend you invest all of your resources in the DPS heroes whenever you get them. Chloe, Sander, and Lin Xiao are worth investing in. They’re great in almost all game modes.
It doesn’t matter who your 4-star heroes are; it’s who they are that matters. They’re all perfect, and some excel in specific game modes.


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