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Echo Bay Walkthrough – Step By Step Guide

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Echo Bay is one of the most popular and great mystery-solving game ever on the android platform. This game has incredible features and stunning gameplay. If you adore playing murder mystery-solving games then this game is for you. The controls and the other items of this game are also glowing. Echo Bay is offered by Haiku Games.

Echo Bay Walkthrough

This is a complete guide to the Echo Bay Walkthrough game. Hopefully, you will understand it.

Chapter 1

At the beginning of this game, you can go to the location to investigate.

  1. When you can start your investigation> you can find a brush from the road
  2. Collect the brush> find a button from the trash box> collect the button> now meet with the person located on the right side
  3. Obtain some knowledge about the female who just was lost in sight> go to the garage> now repair the lost key
  4. You also need a code to go inside> find the code> you will find four letters CYEO
  5. Now enter the buttons 1925 interconnected with the letters> the garage unlocked
  6. Enter the garage> find all the mystery objects present in the garage.


  1. Move through the entrance> to enter the garage and find the hidden objects> you can see a blue cabinet
  2. Collect the step ladder> go and find the fuse> before quitting> note the padlock set on the cupboard
  3. Go to the cupboard> play mini-game> and try to finish the padlock puzzle> while playing your goal move and match identical gears
  4. The cupboard gets unlocked> collect the spare keys> and go outside> now use these keys to unlock the toilet entrance.


  1. Open the toilet gate> go Inside the toilet> you need to find the hidden object here
  2. So mainly you need to collect the rag from the scene> appoint the brush from the inventory option
  3. Now attach the brush with the handle> you can get a broom> utilize the brush> clean the floor
  4. Now find the key> choose the rag> set it into the basin to get a damp rag
  5. Now hold the step ladder down the window> collect the piece of fabric that keeps blood strains
  6. Now take the pulse of the sufferer> and see the driving license
  7. Now put both the license and the fabric piece into your diary
  8. Now again search some hidden objects> search the purse> you can find a paper hint
  9. There are three different codes> 39072, 50202, and 83516> now open the door> and down the lid of the toilet
  10. You can find an off-phone> now you get all the hints from the toilet
  11. Go outside the toilet> now go to the car in front of the toilet door.

Blue Car

  1. Click on the car first> utilize the damp rag> clean the dirt on the car
  2. Later> click the buttons in sequence to unlock the car door> (7-8, 3-4, 5-6, 1-2)
  3. Open the car door> sit in the car> find the cable> plug it into the port
  4. Charge the mobile phone that you find> leave the phone on charging
  5. Choose the key from your inventory option> now use the key to unlock the compartment
  6. Now hit the button to unlock the trunk> come outside the car> go towards the trunk
  7. Here you will find an extension cord.

Go Back To Garage

  1. You can find an extension cord> after finding the extension cord you need to go back to the garage> and use this cord with the auto lift
  2. Press the button> and the car brings down> the car comes down
  3. Take the screwdriver and duct tape from the dashboard of the car
  4. Now you can leave the spot> before leaving> note the blender next to the board
  5. Now go to the car again> you need to use the screwdriver from your inventory option
  6. Now open the panel on the right side of the steering
  7. Here you will collect another fuse> good back to the garage
  8. Use the screwdriver again from the inventory> now open the fuse box
  9. It is placed on the left side of the cupboard> now place all three fuses in it to play a mini-game.

echo bay walkthrough

Echo Bay

This game became very famous in a very short duration of time. This game delivers a fabulous puzzle-solving gaming experience for its users. The graphics and the sound quality of this game are also satisfactory. You can see and hear anything smoothly with their stunning graphics and sound quality. Many stunning puzzle-solving games exist nowadays but Echo Bay is the most extravagant puzzle-solving games ever. So if you love playing puzzle-solving games then download this outstanding game now and enjoy It’s a realistic gaming experience.

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