Sultan’s Inventor Walkthrough

The Sultan’s Inventor Walkthrough – Step By Step Guide

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If you’re looking for a guide then The Sultan’s Inventor Walkthrough is best for you. The Sultan’s Inventor is an adventure escape video game. This game has stunning factors and unique gameplay. The gaming occasion of this game was beautiful. All the secrets and hidden locations are already revealed in this walkthrough. The Sultan’s Inventor is offered by Haiku Games. It was officially released on October 22, 2021.

The Sultan’s Inventor Walkthrough

Here is the complete The fSultan’s Inventor Walkthrough.

Chapter 1

  1. At the start of The Sultan’s Inventor, you are present in a room where you can discover a box of jewelry.
  2. Catch the rope from the divan and find the pillow.
  3. Now click on the mirror and take the other piece of the box.
  4. After that choose the rope and join it with curtains.
  5. Now move toward the pillars and click on the flower and see for a member.
  6. Now take the jewelry and go find a clothes cabinet.
  7. Open the cabinet and take the kerchief and pin> Also cattybal the piece of the box from here.
  8. Then a mini-game starts> In the mini-game you need to rotate the discs to also match flowers.
  9. After finishing the game remove the comb and utilize the hairpin.
  10. Now put all the things on the table> Now take the piece and the rope belt.
  11. Move the curtain aside> you’ll receive a note take it> take the pen too.
  12. You get a number 9863> find the trunk and open it by using the code.
  13. Take all the things inside it> no you’ll find a key take it> go towards the cabinet.
  14. Unlock it by using the key> find a way to get in the room.
  15. After that go toward the chest and give code 6547> open it and take all the things.
  16. Now you can play a mini-game> In the game you can fox all the gems.
  17. After that, connect the rope with the hook and open the curtains.
  18. Move to the first room and choose the wrench and destroy the elephant.
  19. Now you’ll receive a tusk> join it with the rope> and the curtains extend stay and watch what is happening.
  20. Congratulations! You’ve completed Chapter 1 of The Sultan’s Inventor Walkthrough.

Sultan’s Inventor Walkthrough

Chapter 2

  1. At the start of chapter 2 of The Sultan’s Inventor, you’re in a room> you can see a wall.
  2. Go closer and click on it to get a rock> employ the rock on the chain and take the reed.
  3. Go toward the door and unlock the window and employ the reed to carry the food for Zara.
  4. A puzzle appears. You need to solve it> finish it> line up and match the color.
  5. When the box unlocks> take powder> choose the reed and fill it with that powder.
  6. Put in the cord> go toward left and take rock> now you have two rocks employing both of them.
  7. Since the cod and take explosive> use this explosive to divert the guard’s attention.
  8. Now be toward the door and use a spoon to unlock the screw.
  9. Use some codes> After many attempts you’ll unlock the door.
  10. Warden comes inside, locks him, and goes away> After coming out, moves toward the table.
  11. Open the drawer, carry the knife, and move toward the place where lamps are available.
  12. Choose the chain> Talby the number of portions joined with the chain.
  13. Move toward the table and play a mini game> After that take the torch and use it.
  14. Now click on the wall> A private way opens> Go inside it and take the tongs.
  15. Now employ the tongs of the bowl to get a key> Open the cabinet with this key.
  16. After opening it> bring a vase from inside it> Choose the vase and spew it on the lights and you’ll receive digits.
  17. Light up the torches and choose the knife and enter the secret door.
  18. Explore it> Inside the room you’ll find a table> Click on it to get a statue.
  19. Move back, place it on the vase, and another door open> enter inside.
  20. The area is full of bushes> cut all of them> choose a vase through water and remove dust.
  21. A puzzle appears to solve it and finish the chapter.
  22. Congratulations! You’ve completed the Sultan’s Inventor Walkthrough.

Hopefully, you have understood the complete The Sultan’s Inventor Walkthrough

Sultan’s Inventor Walkthrough

The Sultan’s Inventor

The Sultan’s Inventor is one of the most popular adventure escape video games ever on the mobile phone platform. If you adore playing mystery adventure escape games then this game is for you. The interface and the additional things of this game are incredible.

This game came to be a very wonderful adventure escape video game in a very short duration of time. This game delivers a fabulous gaming experience for its users. This game provides us with exciting adventure escapes and a massive visual gaming experience at the same time. The sound quality of this game was so reasonable. Many adventure escape video games exist nowadays but The Sultan’s Inventor is the most experienced adventure escape video game ever. Have fun while playing the excellent gaming experience of The Sultan’s Inventor.

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