The Magic Castle Walkthrough – Complete Guide

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The Magic Castle is one of the most popular and amazing mystery adventure games ever on the mobile phone platform. This game has wonderful features and extraordinary gameplay. If you adore playing mystery adventure games then this game is for you. The administration and the other things of this game are also awesome. The magic castle is offered by Digi-Chain Games.

The Magic Castle Walkthrough

  1. First, start the game> click on one of the skulls> and see a green gem jammed in the eye>
  2. Go upstairs> take the bone knife> go back to the skulls> and employ the knife to take the gem>
  3. Go back upstairs> spot the gem in the slot> from the gate and go through> take the damaged sword blade from the floor> go straight to the next stage> employ the broken blade>
  4. Lift the lax planks to the left side> now go back to the main screen> turn right> click on the right side of the screen to take the swamp>
  5. Spot the wooden planks down> and cross the swamp> grab the right way first> take the broken windmill sail> click on the entrance of the windmill> a puzzle find here>
  6. Switch the tile> create a windmill> open the door> enter inside> take the rusty key> go back to the swamp>
  7. Carry to the left side> take the rune stone> go back to the God of air statue and turn left> now continue left until a gate appears> spot the rune stone in place>
  8. Now play the Simon says game> repeat> you require to finish three in a line> without any error> then open the gate and go through>
  9. Go upstairs to dragon> select the glass shard from the ground> give attention to the height of various mountains> you want it soon>
  10. Go back to his of air> go straight> employ the key> open the door> enter> notice the puzzle on the gate>
  11. Memorize the mountains> you require to tap the button based on their height> the gate open> go through> see the the the wheel on the dragon> go through the left door>
  12. Take the torture rack handle> see the rat> go back to the right door> take the mirror shard> also, take the handkerchief> go back to the gate>
  13. There was a gate with a puzzle> fit the colours to the colours on the banner> go inside> take the hacksaw> and ladle>
  14. Go back> reach the graveyard> employ the crank handle> open the door to the crypt> take the key>
  15. Go back> employ keys to open the cell door> take the mirror shard> employ hacksaw> go back to the chamber>
  16. Spit the broken mirror> the sorcerer gives you magic team> exit the mirror> reveal the door> enter inside> pick up the glass jar> and take the rubber bung> exit the castle and try magic>
  17. There’s a fairy running away approximately> Capture her with the mirror jar> you require eras of the two lovers who died> use the number to
  18. Open the door> enter inside> tree watching you> you can’t do much> so leave>
  19. Go to the swamp> take the wild daisies> go back> turn the magic team power off> go inside the cave> employ the fairy to light up>
  20. Take the shovel> also bring the toadstools> a puzzle lock present on the door> open it> get all four bars

The Magic Castle Walkthrough

  1. Tap slowly first> go from the flowing lava> employ made to take lava> to go left> ride a horse> see another spiral craving> go back> lead up to dragon>
  2. Use magic staff> take the slumber berries> go back to the scene> off the magic staff> employ shovel>
  3. You receive earthworm>make a potion> you have 3 items> discover the recipe> go to the God air statue>
  4. Employ the eternal potion> pick up the air orb>go back to the mirror> it allows you to summon a clap of thunder>
  5. Employ the God air statue> you will receive heart fruit> pick up> go to the cave> use horn> go to windmill> see the bird> use the horn>
  6. Go inside and employ the broken windmill> take the bird feather>
  7. Also, take the birdcage> go back> use rubber bung> use the cage to grab> go back to magic tree> use sleepy dust> take the net and fire herbs>
  8. Go to crypt> once you go inside> turn on the magic> catch the bat> turn off the magic again and leave>
  9. Now you have 4 items for the spell> make it> use water> bring water orb> carry the orb back to the mirror>
  10. Give you the pendant second view> go to the graveyard> see crying ghost> utilize handkerchief>
  11. Go to the building> use the pendant> see the ghost of a blacksmith> provide him with an iron rod> go to the God earth statue>
  12. Provide the horseshoe to the horse> move back> enter the castle> use all the items> create 1st spell> open the door> count triangles>
  13. Match the puzzle> open it> there are four spaces for orbs> go back to the God of fire statue> use dragon bait on the incense burner> take the fire orb from the statue and go away.

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The Magic Castle

This game became a very well-known mystery and adventure game in a concise period. This game provides a majestic mystery adventure gaming experience for its users. The graphics and the sound quality of this game are also reasonable. You can see and hear anything smoothly with their excellent graphics and sound quality. Many mystery adventure video games exist nowadays but The Magic Castle is the most brilliant puzzle mystery adventure game ever.

Hopefully, you will understand the complete The Magic Castle Walkthrough

The Magic Castle Walkthrough

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