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Pokemon Ultra Sun Walkthrough – Step By Step Guide

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Pokémon Ultra Sun is a popular Role-Playing video game developed by Game Freak and published by The Pokémon Company for Nintendo 3DS. The games are part of the seventh generation of the Pokémon series. In Pokemon Ultra Sun Walkthrough, The player character is Elio or Selene, who has moved to Melemele Island in Alola with her mother. As with tradition, the player has rivals on his journey. Hau, a kind boy who guides the player through the story, and Lusamine’s estranged son, Gladio. During Alola’s journey, which follows the region’s traditional island challenges, they pass trials that involve battling powerful Pokémon known as Totem Pokémon.

Pokemon Ultra Sun Walkthrough

This is a complete Pokemon Ultra Sun Walkthrough


  1. Get out of bed> press X to open the menu> select save to save the game> get ready> leave the room
  2. Mom says to check the rack in your room> get your hat and bag> and also check the rules of the adventure
  3. Check the book on the desk> go outside> walk north on the dirt road> keep going north
  4. Select one of the three Pokemon to your starter Pokemon> give your Pokemon a nickname
  5. Use Pokemon in the X menu> go north and then northwest> there is a potion near the girl
  6. Go northwest from there> there will be a cutscene> Hau selects the starter pokemon
  7. Her challenges you for battle> he will heal your pokemon> after the battle> go left to find paralyze heal
  8. Then go up the stairs> and enter Iki Town.

Iki Town

  1. Professor Kukui says to go north> to introduce you to Tapu Koko> so follow the way to reach Mahalo Trail
  2. You saw a blonde girl during the cutscene> a mysterious Pokemon will float out from her bag
  3. The girl asks you to save her Pokemon> cross the bridge> battle a spearow> go across the bridge
  4. Each the pokemon> a cut scene appears> the girl introduces herself as Lilie> she gave you the sparkling stone
  5. Go back to town with her> she was professor Fukui’s assistant> professor gives you a Pokedex and passport
  6. When you leave the wooden platform a cut scene occurs> Kahuna Hala invites you to the festival
  7. Then you will automatically go back home> introduce your starter Pokemon to your mom> the next day you will go to the festival.


  1. When you go home> Professor Kukui comes and asks you to go on route 1 with him
  2. Go outside and follow the professor> he will tell you how to catch wild pokemons> don’t press any button during battle
  3. He gives you ten pokeballs and five potions> go back home> and talk to mom to heal pokemon
  4. She also gives you a pokeball> go on route 1> catch Pokemon> and get the potion> after that> a Pokemon trainer is on your way
  5. Fight with her> her name is Lass Audrey>. Her Pokemon is level 3 Buneary> you receive 72 poke dollars after winning
  6. Go towards north> battle Youngster jimmy> his Pokemon is level 3 Caterpie
  7. You receive 60 poke dollars after winning> find a potion near trees> go northwest
  8. Find a rockruff> you try different actions> rock ruff become more friendly> go west
  9. Fight with Preschooler Oliver> his Pokemon is level 3 Alolan Rattata> you receive 36 poke dollars after winning.

Iki Town Festival

  1. Go upstairs to enter Iki Town
  2. Kahuna Hala talks about the festival> go north> find has, and his pokemon
  3. Kahuna heals your pokemon> ready for battle> you will receive 140 poke dollars after winning> after the battle
  4. Kahuna Hala provides you with Z power ring> after a cutscene> go back home> and rest the whole night
  5. The very next day Lillie comes to your home> professor asked her to take you to the Pokemon research lab> and your mom gives you some money.

Pokemon Research Lab

  1. Go southwest> Lillie will tell you about her secret Pokemon> and then she show you how to jump down to avoid tall grass
  2. You can find Pokemon and other items in the grass> now you can battle with youngster kevin> his Pokemon is inkay level 6
  3. You will receive 120 poke dollars after winning the battle> again battle with lass madison> her Pokemon is yungoos level 6
  4. You will receive 144 poke dollars after winning the battle> now you can battle with swimmer Natasha
  5. Her Pokemon is wingull level 7> you will receive 168 poke dollars after winning the battle> now find the Pokemon research lab
  6. Professor kukui adds room to your pokedex> now you can see the location and check the map of the town
  7. Professor tells you to go to the trainer’s school> tap anywhere on the map> you will see the whole map of alola island
  8. Go downstairs in the lab> go outside> go north> and go back to your house> get ready> go west> Lillie meet you and take you to the Pokemon center.

Trainer’s School

  1. Get ready> go outside and go left to reach the trainer’s school> tauros blocking the way to the west> in the school go to Lillie
  2. Pofessor gives you exp> turn it on> you all Pokemon will receive experience after every battle without participating
  3. Now find four trainers in the school and defeat them all> talk with Lillie> in the bottom right corner of the building you will find a potion
  4. Go northeast> talk with a girl> fight with the four trainers> you will find the one> Youth Athlete Hiromi> her Pokemon bonsly level 7
  5. You will receive 196 poke dollars after winning the battle> go southwest> there is a potion between the trees> you will find the battle area
  6. The boy won’t battle with you until you defeat the others> now go northwest until you find a red gate> check the gate> open it> go south
  7. Find antidote> there is paralyze heal on the left> go south and talk to the boy> he is 2nd trainer youngster joey
  8. his Pokemon grimer level 7> you will reduce 140 poke dollars after winning the battle.

Defeat the Third Trainer

  1. Go to the school> go to the east side ground floor> talk to the girl in the white dress> get quick claw> go to the west side ground floor
  2. Enter the classroom> speak to the girl in the upper left in the room> she was the third trainer> her Pokemon is metapod level 7
  3. You will receive 84 poke dollars after winning the battle> she also gives you three oran berries> go outside
  4. Talk with a boy in green clothes> he was standing in the battle area> he is the rising star Joseph
  5. His Pokemon ekans level 8> you will receive 384 poke dollars after winning the battle
  6. He gives you TM01> you can use them any time you want and many times.

Go To The Office

  1. Go to the office on the 2nd floor of the school> enter the school> go upstairs> A teacher is standing near the stairs
  2. Go to the left> a student gives you a potion> go towards the stairs and approach the teacher
  3. She congrats you on beating her students and asks for a battle> are you ready> yes> teacher Emily’s Pokemon is starter level 10
  4. You will receive 480 poke dollars after winning the battle> after defeating she gives you five great balls
  5. After that professor arrives with captain Lima> now Lillie will lead you to see more of the city
  6. Kahuha Hala asks you to pet the tauros> her block the road> try to rub it> Taurus leaves with Hala
  7. Now you and Lillie and Hau go to visit the city.

Hopefully, you will understand the complete Pokemon Ultra Sun Walkthrough

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