Four Elements Trainer Walkthrough

Four Elements Trainer Walkthrough – Step By Step Guide

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This is a complete best Guide to the Four Elements Trainer Walkthrough game. Hopefully, you will understand it.

Four Elements Trainer 

Four Elements Trainer is one of the most popular dating and adventure game. This game was released in 2014 by MITY and is available for free on Mobile, Windows, and macOS. In this game, the performers will discover themselves to solve the mysteries, fights, and fuckable characters. Four Elements Trainer is an open-world RPG game where you can do a lot of things which is quite entertaining.


You will play the role of an unnamed veiled man who is the main character of the game. This character wastes his power and misuses his honor by sleeping with the remaining girls in the world. Then, you have to work as a vassal for Azula but after that, you will get success in your mission by becoming her leader. When you became the leader of Azula you can order and control things.

You can also buy things that can make your relationship deeper with Azula from the store. You can also increase the meter of your relationship by purchasing beautiful gifts and dresses for your partner. The flirty dialogues also raise your relationship meter.

You will be given a map to go to different places to do multiple jobs to earn money to buy things from the store. If you need to go to the store to purchase things, use the store at night. If you go to the store the game will switch to night as soon as you leave the store. However, exiting the store at night does not cause the game to switch to the day.


You will be given 3 unit types in Four Elements Trainer Walkthrough:

  • Foot Soldiers
  • Calverley
  • Tanks

Tanks are the most powerful thing you have to fight your enemies while Foot Soldiers are the least. You will get a chance to finish your enemy by using these unit types. If the combination of units is correct, tap the automatic option and win. However, if you don’t have the right combination of units, you’ll have to rely on potions and continue until you can brutally force them.

Four Elements Trainer Walkthrough

Here is a complete Four Elements Trainer Walkthrough


There are 3 books in this game and each book contains different functions. You’ll be able to play only 1 book at a time. You have to solve these interesting books to play this game.

  • Book 1 – Water
  • Book 2 -Fire
  • Book 3 – Obsidian Locations

Book 1 – Water


The level of your water bending does not affect the difficulty of the hunt but it increases Waterbending +2 However, each of these events slightly increases your attack damage

Complete the quest and suit up.

Waterbending = 27

Complete the quest Spirit bomb ->Training


Hunting gives +1 affection.

When Katara becomes angry, her anger level also decreases by 1.

There is nothing in the game that requires more than a 17/30 effect, so leveling past 17 makes no sense. Pressing the table button activates the jump mode, which is very useful for speeding up the search. You need 2 potions to hunt, but if the RNG gods are very displeased, you may need 3 potions.

How to Hunt

– When you are below 20% HP -> Health Potion

– When the bird shook its head last turn and didn’t attack -> Defense

– When you don’t need to heal or protect -> Attack


You can go to the mine to mine rocks for money and do some side quests. If you want to use Ren’Py’s rollback feature to change rarity, rarity rock RNG after setting “Yes” to “Should I mine?” is activated. On average you get 50 coins for a trip to the mine. Technically 50.45 coins.

– Common Brown Stone – 43% chance – 25 coins

– Shiny Blue Stone – 36% chance – 50 coins

– Rare Red Stone – 14% chance – 80 coins

– Super Rare White Stone – 7% chance – 150 coins

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Book 2 – Fire


Training will increase your fire rate. The higher your level, the more damage you take in battles. Azula’s room is the scene of many events and scenes and is also a place you will visit frequently when completing Throne Room is available during the day and is for Azula’s Throne Room scenes.

Get Girls At Farm

After you open the farm, every time you win a battle, you get +1 fresh girl. You can also buy used girls from the store for $250, but that’s a waste of money, so don’t ever buy them. Azula visits you every 7 days to pay you. If you have 0 pregnant girls when he visits (this should only happen in if you don’t use the farm at all), he will give you +1 pregnant girl.

four elements trainer walkthrough

Book 3 – Obsidian Locations

Rewards for completing Quest 7:

Peck of Knowledge

Obsidian Skye gives you when you meet her in this Labyrinth44.

– One is found first hiding in a wooden box with a hole used by guards for adultery.

2 people in a skull in one corner of the maze?

– In the final part of the maze, 2 people are scattered on the boards of the headless statue.


In the Armory, you can buy armor for yourself, two combat support units, and health bonuses for both units. Purchasing any of the four armor pieces automatically grants you the health boost, but you can only wear one armor at a time. This means that it’s better to just buy the best armor as previous armor doesn’t offer retroactively. It’s a waste of money. If you save money on the first days of the game, you can buy dragon armor on the 5th day. At night, the armory is also the scene of the May scenes.

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The entire Walkthrough Guide of Four Elements Trainer Walkthrough is available as a video.

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