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Eternum Walkthrough: A Comprehensive Guide

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Eternum is a popular visual novel and adventure game that immerses players in a rich, interactive story. Navigating through the game requires making choices that affect the storyline and the relationships with various characters. This walkthrough aims to provide you with detailed guidance to help you make the best choices and fully enjoy the game Eternum Walkthrough.

Starting Your Adventure Eternum Walkthrough

Upon starting Eternum, you’ll be introduced to the protagonist, who is about to embark on a new chapter in their life. The initial scenes set the stage for the adventure and introduce some of the key characters you will interact with throughout the game. Pay close attention to these introductions, as your first impressions can influence future interactions.

Key Characters and Relationships

Building relationships with characters is a central aspect of Eternum. Here are some key characters and tips on how to interact with them:

  1. Alex: A mysterious and somewhat aloof character. To build a relationship with Alex, choose options that show you respect her space but are genuinely interested in her well-being.
  2. Luna: The cheerful and energetic one. Respond positively to her enthusiasm and participate in activities she enjoys. Show support and appreciation for her upbeat nature.
  3. Oliver: A loyal friend and confidant. Strengthen your bond with Oliver by being honest and supportive. Engage in meaningful conversations and be there for him when he needs you.
  4. Mara: The intellectual and curious character. Appeal to Mara’s interests by engaging in intellectual discussions and showing curiosity about her passions.

Making Choices

Eternum’s branching narrative means that every decision you make can have significant consequences. Here are some general tips for making choices:

  • Be True to Your Character: Choose options that align with the personality and values you’ve established for your protagonist. Consistency can help build stronger relationships and unlock special storylines.
  • Think Ahead: Some choices might seem insignificant at the moment but can have long-term effects. Consider the potential future impact of your decisions.
  • Save Often: The game allows you to save at various points. Make use of this feature to explore different choices and outcomes without losing progress.

Important Decisions and Outcomes

Throughout the game, you’ll encounter critical decisions that shape the direction of the story. Here are a few key moments to watch out for:

  1. The School Dance: Choosing your date for the school dance is a pivotal moment. Your choice will affect your relationship with the character you choose and others who might feel overlooked.
  2. The Mysterious Stranger: Deciding how to respond to a mysterious stranger’s request for help can lead to different story arcs. Trust your instincts and weigh the risks and benefits.
  3. The Hidden Diary: Discovering a hidden diary can reveal secrets about one of the characters. Deciding whether to confront them or keep the information to yourself will impact your relationship and the overall storyline.

Mini-Games and Challenges

Eternum Walkthrough

Eternum also features various mini-games and challenges that add depth to the gameplay. Successfully completing these mini-games can earn you rewards and unlock special scenes. Practice and patience are key to mastering these challenges.

Unlocking Special Scenes

Certain choices and actions can unlock special scenes that provide additional insights into the characters and plot. To unlock these scenes, focus on building strong relationships and making choices that align with the characters’ interests and personalities.

Tips for Success

  • Explore All Options: Don’t rush through the game. Take your time to explore different dialogue options and interactions to uncover hidden details and secrets.
  • Balance Relationships: While it’s important to build strong relationships with key characters, try to maintain a balance and avoid neglecting others. This can help you unlock more diverse storylines and outcomes.
  • Pay Attention to Clues: The game often provides subtle clues about the best choices to make. Pay attention to dialogue and context to guide your decisions.


Eternum is a captivating game that offers a rich narrative experience through its interactive storytelling and character development. By making thoughtful choices, building strong relationships, and exploring all the game has to offer, you can fully immerse yourself in the world of Eternum and enjoy a rewarding adventure. Save often, stay curious, and remember that every choice matters in shaping your unique story.

FAQ on Eternum Walkthrough

Q: What is the main objective in Eternum? A: The main objective in Eternum is to navigate through an engaging narrative, making choices that shape the storyline and your relationships with key characters. Your decisions influence the game’s outcome and unlock special scenes and story arcs.

Q: How do I build strong relationships with characters? A: To build strong relationships, consistently choose dialogue and actions that align with each character’s personality and interests. Pay attention to their preferences and support them in meaningful ways to strengthen your bond.

Q: What are some key decisions in the game? A: Some key decisions include choosing a date for the school dance, responding to a mysterious stranger, and deciding what to do with a hidden diary. These choices significantly impact the storyline and your relationships with characters.

Q: Can I save my progress in Eternum? A: Yes, Eternum allows you to save your progress at various points. It’s a good idea to save often, especially before making significant decisions, so you can explore different outcomes without losing your progress.

Q: How do I unlock special scenes? A: Special scenes can be unlocked by making choices that align with the characters’ interests and personalities, and by building strong relationships. Completing mini-games and challenges successfully can also unlock special scenes.

Q: What should I do if I make a decision I regret? A: If you make a decision you regret, you can reload a previous save and try a different choice. This allows you to explore alternative outcomes and find the path that best suits your playstyle.

Q: Are there mini-games in Eternum? A: Yes, Eternum features various mini-games and challenges that add depth to the gameplay. Successfully completing these mini-games can earn you rewards and unlock special scenes.

Q: How important are my choices in Eternum? A: Every choice you make in Eternum can have significant consequences, affecting the storyline and your relationships with characters. Thoughtful and consistent decisions will help you achieve the best outcomes.

Q: Where can I find guides or tips for Eternum? A: In addition to this walkthrough, you can find guides and tips on various gaming forums, fan sites, and social media platforms dedicated to Eternum. Engaging with the community can provide valuable insights and strategies.

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