Dance Dance Revolution Walkthrough – Complete Guide

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If you’re looking for a guide then Dance Dance Revolution Walkthrough is perfect for you. Dance Dance Revolution is one of the most popular and outstanding music dance exercise games ever on the console platform. This game has marvellous features and impressive gameplay. If you adore playing dance exercise games then this game is for you. The management and the other things of this game are also terrific. Dance Dance Revolution is offered by Konami, RedOctane, and Roxor Games.

Dance Dance Revolution Walkthrough

Dance Dance Revolution Walkthrough

This is a complete Dance Dance Revolution Walkthrough. Hopefully, you will understand it.

  1. When the loading finished> a logo appears on the screen> the main menu opens> and then the config menu opens suddenly>
  2. Further options you can set> you can also change the key binds on your keyboard easily> from your gamepad you can select and use that key bind>
  3. You can also set the setting of your display screens> set the quality of the graphic> and review the audio quality> if you can’t see any lag then the setting is good>
  4. Another setting allows the player to change the master volume of the game> after this the tutorial version of the Dance Dance Revolution finish>
  5. Now the arcade version of the game begins> click on the start button to start and play the Dance Dance Revolution>
  6. Now choose the mode of the game> choose that mode you like the most> you can select single-player mode>
  7. It is the only mode present in this version> another screen appears> now you can choose normal play or premium play choice is yours what you can choose>
  8. Addition of free play> in this addition you can play as many of the songs that you love> there was a list of songs>
  9. In this list all the songs are best> you can choose any of the songs from this list and play them.
  10. Here are the all songs that you can play.
  • Level up
  • 宇宙(ソラ)への片道切符
  • Hyper Bomb
  • In the past
  • Splash Gold
  • xenon
  • Astrogazer
  • exotic ethnic
  • exotic ethnic
  • Helios
  1. All the mods and the other settings are the same as the arcade mode>
  2. Some options work slowly because it is not available properly> you can hold down and click on the O button to the main menu setting>
  3. Play the song> and the main keys are A and D it enables the player to increase and decrease the speed>
  4. Enter is employed to toggle the Sudden+ avenue and W and S are employed to put forward or reduce the avenue lid>
  5. The insolvency indicator keys, as well as Z, X, C, and V on the gamepad, are mapped to the indicators in the game>
  6. That’s it> Go forward and provide the DDR PC sunken alpha as an attempt while you keep an opportunity.

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First, go to the download page> here you can get the installer> you can be required to sign in here> from your Konami account> if you have an account then simply log in> now click on the download button to install the installer> setup the installer> the installation is very simple and easy> tap on the next, until the installation is finished,> when you open the application a web page occurs> you need to log in with your account

Tap on the big button and open the launcher> the launcher show option of updating game data> close the updater when it’s done> click on the setting option> it shows you some options> the foremost line is establishing which display the game will appear on, and the second line is selecting whether to operate the game in Windowed left or Full-Screen right mode> when you’re prepared to have fun click on the GAME START.

Dance Dance Revolution

This game became a very well-known music-dance exercise game in a very short period. This game supplies a majestic gaming experience for its users. The graphics and sound quality of this game are also useful. You can see and hear anything smoothly with their outstanding graphics and sound quality. Many music dance exercise video games exist nowadays but Dance Dance Revolution is such a luminous game ever.

Hopefully, you will understand the complete Dance Dance Revolution Walkthrough


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