Atomic Heart Walkthrough

Atomic Heart Walkthrough – Step By Step Guide

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If you’re looking for a guide then Atomic Heart Walkthrough is perfect for you. Atomic Heart is one of the most popular and impressive single-player first-person shooter video games ever on the console platform. It is mainly a PlayStation and Xbox game. This game has tremendous features and marvelous gameplay. If you love playing single-player first-person shooter video games then this game is for you. The management and the other items of this game are also unprecedented. Atomic Heart is offered by Focus Entertainment and 4Divinity. It was released on February 21, 2023.

Atomic Heart Walkthrough

Here is a complete Atomic Heart Walkthrough:

  1. This game will lob you straight into the depth of its>
  2. Entrance as our protagonist> Main Sergei “P-3” Nechaev> steers a winding river while talking to his good friend Charles.
  3. This entrance part is actually only here to deliver you with an opening to the game’s futuristic alternate-history background.
  4. So pose before and appreciate the ship lift> After the ride> we’ll be prepared to blast> move right and stroll down the dock>
  5. Seizing in the different chats occurring near you.
  6. After a tiny term> you’ll reach a village full of conversing inhabitants
  7. There are rare circumstances present here.
  8. With a small robot that provides you with ice cream
  9. Twe needs to go to the northeast area and shove from the tiny arch following the public of transporting inhabitants.
  10. On the other side> obey the way of the mural
  11. Go toward the place where the big robot projects pictures.
  12. Technique the tower and say to the female robot
  13. She stands in front of the doorway> Nechaev will create his ID badge and she’ll greet him inside.
  14. Providing a monologue about Neuro-Polymers
  15. There are little tablets for people to learn abilities in a few seconds.
  16. Nechaev is the luckiest user who experiences their benefit.
  17. Then the robot starts talking> When the robot finishes his talk.
  18. Move and takes the tablet from the table to your left
  19. The robot automatically syncs the tablet> and develops the scan skill
  20. It authorizes him to watch from walls and scan the climate for beneficial things.
  21. You can start the scanning by tapping two times and holding R1 and RB
  22. After using the skill> go out of the lab and go to the other side of the bridge.
  23. Obey the way
  24. Carrying in the procession and Sechnov’s waking up lesson as you head towards the huge establishment in the space
  25. Finally, the route will carry you to the establishment.
  26. Shove towards the elevator and stay as it moves above> when you can leave
  27. Carry a pair of the double entrance now a cutscene appears.
  28. In this cut scene there are two robots who have your car keys
  29. After taking them and going outside the room
  30. Go to the elevator>after a chat with Sechnov> you’ll reach the 1st floor.
  31. Go outside from the main door> Now find a black car here marked with a quest marker
  32. Sit and appreciate the lift> after the card hits we are sure to dive into the adventure.

Atomic Heart Walkthrough

Vavilov Complex – Atomic Heart Walkthrough

  1. Obeying his ruinous getaway into the complex>
  2. P3 waking up on the road>during the cutscene
  3. He will discover an axe in the park> and deliver us with the first harpoon
  4. Regain control> and stimulus down the road.
  5. Sechnov will call the P3 run in the set
  6. Tell about the Al revolt spot in the complete
  7. The robots are hacked by scientists.
  8. Sergei is finding and killing this scientist
  9. Providing us with our purpose
  10. Hanging up and continues toward the squad standing at the end of the road.
  11. It is our first fight
  12. Scan the opponent you kill
  13. Using this scanning technique in the old chapter
  14. We will memorize that resistance carries no metal thing or material that is used to create a new thing in the objective.
  15. After scanning go into the fight with your weapon
  16. Press R2 for light and L2 for a blow> The light is fast but gives less damage to the opponent.
  17. On another side the blow is slower and gives more damage
  18. Carry all the foes out and start obeying the way
  19. You will reach your friends and chat about Petrov.
  20. Now you listen to a robotic noise> The noise is coming from the outhouse> Reach the outhouse and a cutscene appears.
  21. And then show surprise when the robot concealment in the outhouse takes on to wring the neck him to dying
  22. e saves the farmer working> after that p3 had a cigarette and you will take the control again.

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Wished For Dead Or Alive: Viktor Petrov

  1. Jump out of the elevator> and get into the chamber> Your friend note that we want to go from the bug entrance although it’s locked.
  2. See the southeast side of the entrance
  3. You’ll notice a broken cupboard
  4. Climb the cupboard and utilize it to achieve the gap.
  5. When you go into the gap in the ceiling you will find a tunnel.
  6. Obey the tunnel until you discover are valve on the ground
  7. take up the valve> and go back to the entrance
  8. Put in the valve> p3 try to help man> after he goes> again start obeying the way
  9. Now you see an entrance> go from it and access first to protect the place.
  10. There are tiny chambers that have protected depots
  11. Now you need to save your game here and loot the closest ches and go back to the corridor.
  12. Congratulations you’ve completed the “Atomic Heart Walkthrough”

Atomic Heart Walkthrough

Atomic Heart

This game came to be a very well-known single-player first-person shooter video game in a very quick duration of time. This game gives birth to an unbelievable gaming experience for its users. The graphics and the sound quality of this game are also fabulous so you can easily see things and hear any noise smoothly with their effective graphics and sound quality. Many single-player first-person shooter video games exist nowadays but Atomic Heart is the most fantastic action single-player first-person shooter video game ever.

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Hopefully, you will understand the complete Atomic Heart Walkthrough

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